IFG Introduces The Defiant Stock I Pistol

    The Italian Firearms Group (IFG) is an Amarillo (TX) based importer established in 2010 and specialized, you guessed it, in Italian made firearms. Their main brands are F.A.I.R., Pedersoli, Sabatti, and Ft. Italia. The latter manufacturer, unlike the others, can sound like a new name to those already familiar with Italian firearms. It turns out that Ft means Fratelli Tanfoglio, making IFG the second American importer of Tanfoglio products under a different name.

    Defiant Stock I

    The press release:

    AMARILLO, TX – Imported exclusively by the Italian Firearms Group (IFG), the Defiant Stock I pistol, from FT. Italia, was designed specifically for the Practical Shooting Production Division as well as IDPA SSP and ESP Classes. The Defiant Stock I allows the new shooter to jump right into competitive shooting sports, while giving the veteran shooter the ability compete in divisions that, until now, were reserved for very few models.

    But the impressive functionality of the Defiant Stock I doesn’t stop with competition. Accurate and reliable, this semi-automatic pistol is also a fine choice for home defense, law enforcement, open carry, and–in the 10MM model–hunting.

    The basic design the Defiant Stock I is derived from the CZ 75 pistol, the Czech semi-automatic that’s spawned an estimated one million offspring. Mechanically, one important facet of the CZ 75 design is its internal slide rails. The CZ 75 slide rides on cutsinside the frame, unlike most semi-autos—including 1911’s—where the pistol’s slide rides outside of the frame.

    The result of the internal slides is a reliable workhorse system that keeps out dirt and debris better than external slides.

    The Stock I uses a traditionally-rifled, cylindrical barrel that provides excellent accuracy with all types of ammunition. The Stock I’s frame has a full-length railed dust cover for a better balance, and the pistol’s available in both Small and Large Frame variants.

    The Defiant features stippled walnut side panels for a very solid grip, an extended beavertail, and a checkered frame and back strap. Serrations on the slide make for easy racking and unloading. A light or laser can be easily attached on the rail under the barrel, too.

    The Stock I’s sights are good-sized and easy to pick up. The rear sight is drift adjustable, and the rear notch is generously sized, making the front post easy to locate and center.

    The Defiant Stock I operates in single and double action, and is available in 9MM, .38 Super, 40 S&W, 10MM and .45 ACP.

    Specifications: Defiant Stock I

    Frame: Steel

    Slide: Steel with Black Finishing
    Barrel Length: 4.5″
    Overall Length: 8.4″ Large Frame / 8.3″ Small Frame
    Weight: 42 Oz.
    Capacity: Small Frame, 9mm – 16; .40 S&W – 12
    Large Frame, 9mm – 17; .40 S&W – 14; .38 Super – 17; 10mm Auto – 13; .45 ACP – 10
    Sights: Front Fixed/Rear Adjustable
    Action: Single/Double
    Safety: Standard Frame Mounted

    MSRP: $1,225.00


    Defiant Stock I: detail showing the peculiar slide serrations.

    Defiant Stock I: the muzzle showing a cylindrical profile and the caliber marking which makes it obvious that the photo comes from Italy.

    Defiant Stock I: the Tanfoglio origin is not explicitly mentioned but not hidden as well.

    So, there you have it, an aesthetically pleasant, steel framed pistol which can be had in 10 mm Auto. This should be sufficient to satisfy half of the internet; for the other half requiring Glock magazine compatibility: look elsewhere.

    Photos from: Tanfoglio.it and http://www.italianfirearmsgroup.com/

    Giorgio O

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