Hang Tight! Get a Better Grip on your Gun with the ArachniGRIP Slide Spider


    If you have ever felt uncomfortable racking the slide of your favorite pistol or feeling the appropriate dexterity was not quite there, then a company called ArachniGRIP has a product for you. They make adhesive grips that can be placed over the top of a pistol’s slide to increase your dexterity while grabbing the already present slide serrations. ArachniGRIP goes on to offer this summary statement:

    The Slide Spider grip by ArachniGRIP is available for most semi auto pistols. The Slide Spider grip products enable the shooter to gain increased control through a safe and secure hold. The products offer additional tactical advantages under challenging operating conditions, including extreme moisture and temperature. In addition, these products aid shooters with weak or weakened hand strength and those with medical conditions such as arthritis.

    Their company like so many has some very humble beginnings and was brought about by one of the owners’ personal desire for a product and not finding an adequate answer on the market. This short YouTube video gives an overview of where ArachniGRIP came from and what their company is currently all about.

    While they make Slide Spiders to fit a ton of different pistol models that you may own, the newest one that they have added to their burgeoning collection is for the Sig Sauer P938 9mm. With the continual popularity of the P938 as a concealed carry option and its diminutive size, it only makes sense that they aid people in racking the slide of that pistol as well. A simple public release statement from them can be read below:

    Shooters can now add more grip and increased safety and control to the slide of the SIG SAUER P938 with the Slide Spider by ArachniGRIP… The addition of the Slide Spider grip to the Sig P938’s slide just enhances the already outstanding features of this subcompact.

    Most all of the grips retail at an MSRP of $19.95 which is pretty affordable. For our readers out there, is this something that you would entertain adding to one of your firearms to help yourself in manipulating it? Let us know your thoughts about the ArachniGRIP in the Comments below and similar products like this! We always appreciate the feedback.


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