[IDEX 2019] Stoeger STR-9 from Turkey

    Stoeger is a Turkish manufacturer mostly known for its shotguns, which are frequently based on designs of the parent company Benelli. Being part of the Beretta Holding, however, Stoeger has also been manufacturing semiautomatic pistols for some years. Specifically, they took over from Beretta the production of the 8000 series “Cougar” models. This was the first attempt by Beretta to offer a pistol with rotating barrel, later replaced by the polymer framed Px4 “Storm” series.

    Benelli, Beretta, Sako, Stoeger, Tikka and Victrix attended IDEX under the umbrella of BDT (Beretta Defense Technologies). The occasion marked one of the first public appearances of the recently introduced Stoeger STR-9.

    Stoeger STR-9

    The striker-fired semiautomatic pistol offers the full spectrum of features that are now expected from this type of products. Some designing (and marketing) efforts seem to have been spent in getting a relatively low bore axis to improve the muzzle rise control. Attention to ergonomics is shown by the availability of interchangeable backstraps in three different sizes (small, medium and large).

    The internal metal chassis appears to be bonded to the polymer frame. Therefore the modular system of interchangeable grip frames adopted by Beretta on Pico, Nano and APX has not been inherited by the Stoeger.

    One noticeable feature, which may not be found off-the-shelf on the direct competition, is the presence of very deep and aggressive slide serrations. These are present in equal number on back and front of the slide allowing for a positive grip no matter the preferred charging approach.

    Stoeger STR-9.

    Stoeger STR-9. Note that the pistol is manufactured in Turkey and marked by Stoeger USA.

    Beretta APX on the left and Stoeger STR-9 on the right. The APX is perceived by some as too thick with a max width of 33 mm (1.3″). The new Stoeger is thinner with a slide width of 27 mm (1.06″). This may also mean that the STR will be limited to 9 mm Luger, while the APX also offers, as of now, .40 S&W.

    Giorgio O

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