BREAKING: US Army Awards LaserMaxDefense Contract for New ‘Pistol Enhancer’

    LaserMaxDefense 'Pistol Enhancer

    M17 Equipped with LaserMaxDefense 'Pistol Enhancer' (LMD)

    The US Army has announced that they have awarded LaserMaxDefense a contract for 20,000 Pistol Enhancers, LMD’s multifunction aiming light (MFAL). The Army was seeking a commercial off the shelf laser/light system for its new pistols. The LMD-PE-IR-1 ‘Pistol Enhancer’ beat out competition from Streamlight’s TLR-8 to win the contract. LMD describe the Pistol Enhancer MFAL as “the smallest, lightest and most efficient white light/IR Illuminator/IR laser on the market.”

    For a number of months TFB have been following the US Army’s progress in selecting a new weapon light/laser system for the new M17 Modular Handgun System. Back in June 2018, PEO Soldier unveiled new multifunction aiming lights while in July new contenders, including LaserMaxDefense, emerged. In September an official request for information for a ‘Pistol Aiming Light’ or PAiL was released. Now LaserMaxDefense have confirmed that they have been awarded the contract for the Army’s PAiL.

    LMD's Pistol Enhancer

    LMD’s Pistol Enhancer Multifunction Aiming Light (LMD)

    LMD’s Pistol Enhancer features a near-infrared illuminator, a near-infrared laser, and a white light illuminator. Powered by a single CR-123 battery, which can be changed out without having to remove Pistol Enhancer from the weapon, giving a 2 hour continuous battery life. It has an ambidextrous on/off button and a 3 position rotary switch to cycle between modes. It can operate in temperatures between 14 and and 120 Fahrenheit and comes in an FDE finish. The white light has an average output of 175 lumens, while the IR illuminator is capable of 175 mW (typical) of 850nm illumination with the IR laser rated as a 850nm 0.7 mW max (class1) eye safe aiming laser.

    In their statement on the contract award LaserMaxDefense’s Director of Military Products, Chris Gagliano (Sgt Maj USMC ret), said: “After three years of hard work with input from subject matter experts, the US Army MCoE SA section, combined with extensive Army competitive testing, ensures that LMD will provide the Soldier with a great product”


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