Franklin Armory Reformation: The Semi Automatic Musket Cometh

    Franklin Armory RS11

    Franklin Armory RS11 Reformation (Franklin Armory)

    Well it’s not technically a musket, it isn’t a smooth bore, it has straight rifling rather than spiralled. You may remember the hype which surrounded Franklin Armory’s mysterious Reformation in the run up to SHOT Show 2018. Well almost exactly a year later the Reformation is now available.

    Boasting a SBR length without the need for an NFA tax stamp the Reformation now has it’s ATF certification. Technically speaking it is considered a firearm and a shotgun (as no spin is imparted onto the projectile) under the Gun Control Act but not under the National Firearms Act. This has been confirmed in a summary letter from of the Director of the International Firearms Specialist Academy, Daniel O’Kelly. You can find that here.

    Franklin Armory began shipping the Reformation on the 28th December and the not-a-shotgun, not-a-rifles are currently available in two configurations the RS11 Reformation, which has an 11.5 inch barrel chambered in .300 Blackout with a Libertas billet upper and lower receiver, and the RS7 Reformation with a 7.5 inch barrel chambered in 5.56x45mm with Franklin Armory’s FAI-15 upper and lower receivers. Both weapons have the straight grooved Reformation rifling. Both the weapons are also available with Franklin Armory’s binary firing system.

    The benefits of the system are that its a shot barrelled, stocked firearm which can be fitted with a forward vertical grip and requires no registration as an SBR, SBS or AOW under the NFA. Franklin Armory claims that the Reformation is capable of approximately 3.5″ groups at 100 yards. No word yet on when we might see Franklin Armory’s custom ‘mini Nerf football‘ projectiles and rounds become available which they claim can achieve “around 1 MOA”.

    The RS11 is listed with an MSRP of between $1,659.99 – $1,894.99 and the RS7 has an MSRP of between $1,179.99 and $1,409.99, depending on the purchase of the binary trigger group. Find out more at

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