BREAKING: Zastava Arms USA to Become the Exclusive Zastava Firearms Importer

    BREAKING Zastava Arms USA to Become the Exclusive Zastava Firearms Importer

    If you browse the list of companies that will be exhibiting at SHOT Show 2019, you’ll notice a new company with a very familiar name – Zastava Arms USA. Apparently, the famous Serbian arms manufacturer now has a new US distributor.

    Here is the description of Zastava Arms USA quoted from the company’s profile page on SHOT Show website:

    Zastava Arm USA is the exclusive importer and distributor of Zastava Arms products for the US market. Recognizing the need to promote the Zastava Arms brand in the world’s biggest firearms market, Zastava Arms USA also provides parts, warranty, and repairs out of its warehouse in Des Plaines, IL. Zastava Arms USA is proud to be one of the few companies in the world that represents 165 years of experience in making firearms of the highest quality.

    It is interesting to note, that the description says “exclusive importer and distributor”. To my knowledge, currently, the only distributor of AK-style Zastava firearms in the US is Century Arms. Unfortunately, we don’t know any details, yet.

    If you search the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) website, you’ll also find out that applications have been filed for registering the company name (Zastava Arms USA) as well as the ZPAPM70, ZPAP85 and ZPAP92 names as trademarks. Presumably, the company will be marketing the civilian versions of Zastava M70, M85 and M92 rifles under these names.

    BREAKING Zastava Arms USA to Become the Exclusive Zastava Firearms Importer

    Zastava M91

    The Zastava Arms USA profile page on the SHOT Show website lists the M91 rifle (see the image above) as a new product that they will be showcasing at SHOT. M91 is an AK-based DMR-style rifle chambered in 7.62x54mmR or 7.62x51mm NATO. Here is the company’s description of this rifle:

    Semiautomatic sniper rifle M91 is designed on the basis of well-known Kalashnikov system. Basic request of police and army forces – exceptional precision at large distances – is fulfilled and confirmed in extreme environments. Barrel is made of high quality materials and its interior is chrome plated, which provides long service life and excellent precision. The rifle has two safety systems: mechanical safety – with two positions – safe / fire safety system that prevents firing before the bolt is locked Gas flow regulator enables the use of this weapon in extreme environments and the weapon can function when it is very dirty. The ergonomics of the stock provides safe and comfortable position of the shooter during firing. Iron sights with tritium tubes enable aiming in conditions of low visibility. The base fixed on the left side of the receiver enables the assembly of various types of optical-electronic devices.

    Currently, the Zastava Arms USA website ( is under construction. While attending the SHOT Show 2019 we will definitely visit their booth and make a more detailed report for our readers. Stay tuned and follow the TFB news from SHOT Show 2019 to be informed about the most important news of the firearms industry.

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