Palmetto State Armory Introduce 9mm AK-V Pistol

    Palmetto State Armory AK-V

    Palmetto State Armory AK-V pistol (PSA)

    Palmetto State Armory have introduced a new 9x19mm AK pistol. The AK-V is based on the Vityaz-SN 9mm AK-based submachine gun. The new AK-V feeds from PSA’s CZ Scorpion style 35 round magazines and comes in three packages: with a railed forened, a magpul M-LOK forend and a traditional forend. All three have SBA3 adjustable braces with a folding stock option coming soon.


    PSA AK-V 9MM Classic with SBA3 brace (PSA)

    Here’s what PSA has to say about the AK-V:

    The PSA AK-V is a small gun with big ambition; an AK pistol that packs quite the punch. Chambered in 9MM, designed to use Scorpion style magazines and a perfect fit for tight spaces, the AK-V brings versatility and modularity to a classic design.

    The AK-V is a 9mm pistol modeled after a design that was built and used for the Vityaz division of Russian special forces. Vityaz has since been disbanded, but the design of their CQB 9mm lives on.

    Vityaz wanted a sub-gun, and this is what they got.

    The Palmetto State Armory AK-V is small, compact, made for 9mm and required to run everything we put through it. Suppressed, un-suppressed, full metal jacket, hollow points, plus p – you name it, we ran it, and it works. We have fed a variety of ammunition through a variety of AK-V setups and it has performed flawlessly each time.

    The AK-V is a blowback operating system that runs CZ Scorpion style magazines. The Palmetto State Armory 35 Round Patterned magazine runs $19.99 and works in both the CZ Scorpion and the AK-V. The pistol also has a last round bolt hold open feature.

    The charging handle, mag release, and frame of the pistol will all remind you of a classic AK design. However, the modern modifications like the last round bolt hold open, the bolt catch, the SBA3 Brace all make the modern modifications obvious and highlight the fact that this pistol is something entirely all its own.

    Looking under the hinged cover will reveal what appears to be a piston inside the pistol. However, that is actually a weight that is designed to match the classic aesthetics of the AK design while providing balance, recoil management and reliability.

    Here’s PSA’s product overview video:

    The AK-V comes with PSA’s Unlimited Lifetime Warranty and is now available for order.


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