Fire Control Unit Unveils AR320 – P320 based AR15

    Fire Control Unit is the company that transforms your P320 fire control unit (trigger box) into a small PDW weapon. They just posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook. At the top, they tease something called the AR320.

    Fire Control Unit started by capitalizing on the modularity of the P320 platform. Since the Sig Sauer P320 FCU is the registered firearm, you can change calibers as well as frame and slide to your heart’s content.

    You take the FCU out of the P320 along with the slide and barrel and install them into the X01. In the photo below you can see the P320 FCU is highlighted in red and the P320 slide is outlined in red.

    The photo that Fire Control Unit teased shows a new X02 personal defense weapon. At first glance, it looks similar to the X01 except the outline of the barrel and bolt look nothing like the P320 slide and barrel. Could this be a fixed barrel setup? Other than suppressing it, which you can already do with the X01, I don’t really see the benefit. Perhaps increased accuracy?

    Well the really interesting teaser image is the AR320. It looks like an AR15 that uses the P320 FCU.

    From the silhouette above you can see what looks like an AR15 but the trigger is the P320 FCU in red. The outline of the bolt carrier group looks like an AR15 style BCG at least from the gas key forward. Everything behind the gas key looks rather different. Due to the size of the FCU, the lower receiver and upper receiver look proprietary. I am not sure what stock they are using but if they are smart, they would copy a recoil spring design like that of the Sig MCX/MPX. That way they can keep the vertical Picatinny rail at the rear and use any compatible MCX/MPX brace or stock. From the outline of the BCG, it looks like it might be direct impingement? Hopefully, we will see more at SHOT Show next month.

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