SIG SAUER Introduces SPEC1 Premium Firearm Care System

    SIG SAUER Introduces SPEC1 Premium Firearm Care System (1)

    SIG Sauer has published a press release announcing the launch of their new gun care product line. The SPEC1 Premium Firearm Care System is specially formulated by SLIP2000 for SIG Sauer. According to the company, the SPEC1 is a “non-toxic, non-hazardous, pure synthetic based lubricant with no Teflon, silicones, or petroleum distillates“.

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    The press release quotes Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc., who said:

    This partnership between SIG SAUER and SLIP2000 that has resulted in SPEC1 is a win for our consumers. For years SLIP2000 has been the lubricant of choice amongst our SIG SAUER Academy instructors and military units in the U.S. and around the world, because of the quality and performance of the product.

    It’s important to us that our consumers have easy access to the same products used by our instructors, and can have complete confidence in the lubricants and cleaners they are using on their firearms because it has earned the SIG SAUER name. The introduction of SPEC1 accomplishes all of these objectives to the benefit of our end user.

    On his turn, Greg Conner, President, SLIP 2000 / SPS Marketing, added:

    “SLIP2000 is honored to be working with SIG SAUER, one of the world’s best firearms companies, to introduce SPEC1. We are also extremely proud that our lubricants earned the favor of the elite SIG SAUER Academy instructors through rigorous use and testing.

    This partnership means that SPEC1 lubricant is now the official lubricant of the SIG SAUER Academy, and that all SIG SAUER firearms will be manufactured with the SPEC1 lubricant, and a product sample will ship with every SIG SAUER firearm. To earn the endorsement of SIG SAUER, and know they want to put their name on our lubricants and cleaners, is very exciting for our brand.

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    The SPEC1 gun care product line includes a synthetic gun lubricant, light gun grease, bore solvent and a degreaser. Below you can find the prices of different size lubricants, the grease, and a combo pack. The bole solvent and the degreaser are not available separately.

    Synthetic Gun Lubricant 4oz. $16.99
    Synthetic Gun Lubricant 1oz. $11.99
    Synthetic Gun Lubricant, 30 WT 4oz. $22.99
    Synthetic Gun Lubricant, 30 WT 1oz. $12.99
    Light Gun Grease $12.99
    Combo Pack (Lubricant, Bore Solvent, Gun Degreaser) $24.99

    The combo pack includes a lubricant, bore solvent and degreaser

    I think being designed by one of the most reputable gun care product manufacturers and branded after/marketed by one of the largest firearm manufacturing companies, the SPEC1 Premium Firearm Care System has good chances to become a commercial success. I personally started using the SLIP2000 lubricants several years ago and today these are my go-to gun care products. That being said, it would be really interesting to test the new SIG Sauer lubricants and see how they compare to similar original SLIP2000 products.

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