EXCLUSIVE: Sig Sauer Statement Regarding CEO Ron Cohen

    Cohen statement

    Following our story this morning regarding German media outlets reporting on charges filed against Sig Sauer USA executives, TFB was able to catch up with a company representative for an exclusive look into the news. Because of the ongoing legal case, the brief statement posted below is carefully worded. But some unofficial analysis points to possible sensational journalism in the German media.

    Sig Sauer officials are hinting at additional news in the days ahead that will bring more facts to light and will continue to clarify the situation. As always, we will keep you up to date as the news arrives.

    EXCLUSIVE: Sig Sauer Statement Regarding CEO Ron Cohen

    Following a sensationalized story in several German media outlets, Sig Sauer, Inc. has released the following statement concerning firearms sent to the Colombian National Police:

    More than 10 years ago Sig Sauer, Inc. (Newington, NH) signed a contract with the United States Department of Defense for handguns that the DoD would later export to the Colombian National Police under the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program and in compliance with U.S. law. The purpose for these handguns was to help the Colombian Government fight the global war on drugs.

    Currently, a German court in the northern town of Kiel is examining whether the sale of handguns allegedly manufactured by Sig Sauer GmbH (Germany), then sold to Sig Sauer, Inc., then sold and shipped to the United States Department of Defense and exported to the Colombian National Police pursuant to the U.S. Government’s FMS program potentially violated German export policy.

    Sig Sauer’s CEO was temporarily detained and released as part of this export policy inquiry.


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