BOTW: "Spacegun" by Noshpatu

Tom R
by Tom R

The 18th Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Noshpatu. I think this submission beat the whole “Space Force” announcement a few months ago so Noshpatu may have something. That said, anything with the Hera CQR is going to look science-fictiony. The drum actually looks pretty good with the build—normally it looks, shall we say, um, dumb? I do think this build deserved a laser rather than a light, though…

Keep the submissions coming in! We are publishing them in the order in which they were received (with the exception of a single person submitting back to back–those will get spread out).

You can submit your own build at

  • Double Star lower
  • CBC Industries 5.56mm upper
  • AIM Surplus BCG
  • Hera Arm CQR stock and foregrip
  • Primary Arms light
  • Eotech 512 holosight
  • Magpul BUS
  • Magpul D60 drum magazine

Comment below to ask Noshpatu questions about his build.

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Tom R
Tom R

Tom is a former Navy Corpsman that spent some time bumbling around the deserts of Iraq with a Marine Recon unit, kicking in tent flaps and harassing sheep. Prior to that he was a paramedic somewhere in DFW, also doing some Executive Protection work between shifts. Now that those exciting days are behind him, he teaches wilderness medicine and runs an on-demand medical staffing business. He hopes that his posts will help you find solid gear that will survive whatever you can throw at it--he is known (in certain circles) for his curse...ahem, find the breaking point of anything.You can reach him at tom.r AT or at

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  • ARmed in NY ARmed in NY on Nov 16, 2018

    I think the HERA stock kits can look good, if done right. I'm guessing most people who install a HERA kit are p90 fans & are going for an "as-close-to-a-p90" look as possible, right?...with that said, I agree the drum is def a good choice & a big factor in achieving that look. But if a p90 clone/looks was truly the main goal in the build above, than paying the tax stamp for an SBR & swapping out the 16" M4 barrel for a 7" or 10" pistol barrel, should've been at the top of the list for this set up. Barrel length, IMO, is the main factor in getting most outa what these stock kits were meant for...that being, a chance to have that futuristic-ray gun look of the p90, using just the upper & lower from the AR you already have at home.

    • Jones2112 Jones2112 on Nov 23, 2018

      @ARmed in NY The Hera stock was created for those behind enemy lines that cannot own a rifle with an adjustable stock and pistol grip...

  • Jason Jason on Nov 17, 2018

    It could be a Acebeam LEP W10 instead of a flashlight. Makes more sense for a "space" gun: