SIG SAUER Introduces The M17 Air Pistol

    SIG M17 Air Pistol Airsoft (1)

    SIG Sauer has introduced the .177 caliber CO2 powered airgun replica of the M17 pistol. The M17 Air Pistol is externally identical to the US Military’s new handgun both in terms of dimensions and color. The company has also designed this airgun to feel like the M17 by making it with a polymer frame, metal slide, reciprocating blowback action as well as making the disassembly procedure similar to the air pistol’s real counterpart.

    SIG M17 Air Pistol Airsoft (2)

    The magazine of this airgun replica is detached/inserted just like the real one which will make it possible to practice the magazine manipulations, too. The magazine body houses a detachable 20-round SIG Rapid Pellet Magazine (RPM) and a standard 12-gram CO2 cartridge. The RPM magazine features a rotary chain/belt feeding system where the individual pellets are placed into the links of the chain.

    SIG M17 Air Pistol Airsoft (3)

    SIG Sauer Rapid Pellet Magazine (RPM)

    The M17 Air Pistol comes with a set of fixed iron sights with a white dot front sight. The slide is milled for installing a red dot sight. The overall length of this pistol is 8″ and it weighs 2.15 lbs. Interestingly, the airgun is about 5 oz heavier than the M17 MHS pistol. The muzzle velocity of .177 pellets is 430 fps.

    To learn more about the SIG Sauer M17 Air Pistol, watch the video embedded below.

    Several days ago, we reported about the US Coast Guard’s acquisition of SIG P229 airsoft replicas for training purposes. I wonder if the US Army also has a need for such a training tool and if the introduction of the M17 Air Pistol is related to a possible upcoming US Army contract for the airsoft version of this pistol. As always, if such procurement happens, we’ll report the news to our readers.

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