Remington Stun Safe Slaughterhouse Gun

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    During one of the recently ended Rock Island online auctions, there was a rather unique consigned firearm which RIAC also published a video about. This unusual Remington rifle was designed to be used in slaughterhouses. Such guns are known to exist in many variations, however, the Remington Stun Safe is quite interesting in terms of the amount of engineering and mechanical solutions incorporated into its design.

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    Although it looks completely different, this bolt-action rifle is based on the Remington Model 512 Sportmaster action. It is a rimfire rifle chambered in .22LR. As you can see, the Stun Safe rifle lacks a shoulder stock but it has two pistol grips with two large triggers. The existence of dual triggers is a safety measure. In fact, Stun Safe is packed with safety devices. The muzzle of this rifle has a separate tubular attachment which unless pressed against the animal won’t allow shooting the gun. So in order to shoot this rifle, you have to make sure that the muzzle is pressed against the animal, then you’ll need to pull both triggers. Other features of the tubular barrel extension are the side ports which are designed to vent any excessive gasses and the castle nut shaped muzzle designed to ensure a firm purchase on the animal’s body.

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    Remington also made special .22 Short ammunition for the Stun Safe rifle. These were cartridges with frangible bullets designed to turn into dust after hitting the target thus preventing the possibility of overpenetration or ricochets of the projectile or its fragments. The description on the ammunition box reads: “SPECIAL COMPOSITION BULLET IS NON-TOXIC. PULVERIZES ON IMPACT AND REDUCES SPATTER-BACK”.

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    If you want to learn more about this rifle, watch the video published by Rock Island Auction Company which you can find below.

    This particular Remington Stun Safe was sold at Rock Island online auction for $460.

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