Honor Defense Drops a NEW Line of Frangible, Hollow-Point Ammunition

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    In a surprising move, Honor Defense is now offering a line of frangible hollow-point (HP) ammunition to the public. Their immediate flavors are your usual suspects for modern carry calibers. Where a lot of gun manufacturers are now offering ammo, but produced by an outside party, it appears they may actually be making this in-house. The laundry list of specifications and quality surrounding this new line of ammunition can be read below, as presented by Honor Defense:

    • Precision-Drilled Hollow-Point – Maximum Accuracy
    • Frangible – Maximum Terminal Behavior in Soft Tissue… Reduced Ricochet… Core Projectile Body Remains Intact for Maximum Penetration… Perfect for Steel Plate Training or Self-Defense
    • Top Pistol Self-Defense Calibers – .380 ACP | 9mm Luger | 10mm Auto | .40 S&W | .45 ACP
    • Lead-Free – Avoid Lead Issues for Ranges
    • Virgin Brass – Perfect for Reloaders
    • Hi-Speed Projectile – Maximum Cavitation (9mm @ 1,350 FPS)
    • Passes FBI Protocols – Bare Gel | Light Clothing | Heavy Clothing | Wallboard | Plywood
    • Made in the USA – Like all Honor Defense Products, USA Craftsmanship

    There is no pricing at this time for any of the suggested offerings on Honor Defense’s website. Their primary distributor for this new line of ammunition, Sports South, is listing the following MSRP prices. All of which are supplied in 20 round boxes.

    • .45 ACP  155 Grain HP Frangible (1,200 FPS) – MSRP $14.66
    • 10mm 125 Grain HP Frangible (FPS Not Advertised) – MSRP $14.66
    • .40 S&W 125 Grain HP Frangible (1,300 FPS) – MSRP $13.74
    • 9mm 100 Grain HP Frangible (1,350 FPS) – MSRP $13.00
    • .380 ACP 75 Grain HP Frangible (FPS Not Advertised) – MSRP $12.87
    honor defense

    Ballistic Testing Data for NEW Honor Defense Frangible, HP Ammo as presented by Honor Defense

    A final public statement given by Honor Defense can be read below expressing their excitement for the new ammo launch:

    Gainesville, Ga (October 30, 2018) – Honor Defense is pleased to announce the introduction of a new line of hi-performance self-defense ammunition for consumers. The result is an unmatched self-defense round for consumers. With maximum effectiveness to stop threats and reduced ricochet for bystanders, the new Honor Defense ammunition offers un-matched performance. Historically used by LE/government, this projectile will now be widely available for consumers. Retail locations announcements will be made soon.

    So what do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

    honor defense

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