Hudson Manufacturing H_RD Slides Now Shipping

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    Hudson Manufacturing has announced that they’ve started shipping the red dot sight ready H_RD slides for the H9 pistol. These slides were first introduced about three months ago. Since the introduction, they were available for pre-order and the first batches will obviously ship to those who pre-ordered the slides.

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    Hudson Manufacturing H_RD slide is a drop-in replacement slide for the H9 pistol. This product features a red dot pistol sight cut and a patented adapter plate system that allows configuring the same slide for several different red dot sights. Currently, there are adapter plates available for the Trijicon RMR, Shield RMS and Leupold Delta Point red dot sights.

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    Below you can find the descriptions of the interchangeable plates quoted from the company’s website.

    Every H_RD slide will ship with an anodized aluminum block-off plate for use when an optic is not mounted. The H_RD features a suppressor height front sight to use with the integrated back-up rear sight on the RMS, the optional rear sight on the DeltaPoint Pro, or the integrated suppressor height rear sight on the RMR mounting plate.

    The hardened steel mounting plates fit over a robust pivot surface and rotate securely into cuts in the slide. The result is a robust system that prevents forward and rearward motion of the plate and provides the assurance that the H_RD plates will keep your optic in place while shooting. The H_RD slide is engineered to allow for the lowest possible mounting surface without sacrificing weight, reliability, or compromising critical features.

    The installation instructions of the adapters can be downloaded by clicking here (PDF file).

    Hudson Manufacturing H_RD slides are listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $747. The shipping cost is included in the price. The choice of the red dot plate type won’t change the price.

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