RS Regulate GKR AK Handguard – Evolution Of Their Galil Handguard

    RS Regulate Galil Rail

    If you recall, almost a year to the date, RS Regulate announced their milled Galil handguard. It upgrades your Galil with MLOK or Keymod slots. Well the evolution of that rail is now for AK rifles. The RS Regulate GKR AK Handguard was unveiled last weekend at the Red Oktober rifle match

    The factory Galil Handguard is adequate but the RS Regulate handguard truly transforms how the rifle feels in your hand. Not only is it better ergonomically, it is slotted with either MLOK slots or Keymod so you can customize your rifle

    The GKR AK handguard is based off the design of RS GAR handguard. “GKR” stands for Galil Kalashnikov Rail and just like the Galil handguard, there is a fence that protects you from touching the gas block. The fence allows heat to escape but keeps your hands safe. Just behind that fence is a QD sling mount. And as you can see in the top photo, the RS Regulate GKR AK handguard is compatible with AK upper handguards.

    RS Regulate GKR AK handguard

    Photo by RS Regulate

    Photo by RS Regulate

    Photo by RS Regulate

    The initial handguards wll be 10″ long and will fit Arsenal SAM7 and Saiga pattern rifles. Since it fits the SAM7, RS Regulate also made the handguard compatible with Arsenal’s KVAR heat shield. See the thin slits on the inside of the handguard? You can see them through the MLOK slots in the photo above. Those are for the KVAR heatshield.

    The RS Regulate GKR AK Handguard will work with your typical end cap. They will offer models with and without a sling loop cut. And later they will make models for AKs that do not have handguard end caps.

    Pricing of the RS Regulate GKR AK Handguard will be similar to the Galil handguards. Scott of RS Regulate is still finalizing some designs to get the weight down as much as possible. Full production will start later this week and he estimates about a month due to certain processing lead times and they will be available online. Check out RS Regulate to stay updated.

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