Historical Firearm Coloring Book Kickstarter Campaign

    Firearm Coloring Book

    Remember that awesome Firearm Coloring Book For Big Kids we posted about early last year? Well, there’s another coloring book with guns on the way, this timeĀ it will be based on historical firearms. The coloring book will include both detailed drawings of the guns along with detailed specs on them. Check out an example out of the coloring book below.

    Firearm Coloring Book

    An example of one of the firearms in the proposed coloring book.

    The Kickstarter campaign was started by Dakota Potts, a gunsmith, historical gun enthusiast and fellow gun writer. Dakota’s goal is $750 to get his coloring book in production.

    A $1 pledge will get you a PDF copy of the final version of the coloring book, a $5 or more pledge will get you an advanced copy as well as your name listed in the contributor’s section. $10 will get you the actual book as well as everything listed above. For $50 you’ll be able to choose a firearm to be included in the book, have those obscure entries ready!

    For $250 you can sponsor an entire page, if you’re a manufacturer, gun shop etc this is for you. You can check out the campaign over at Kickstarter.com.

    A technically accurate coloring book of significant historical firearms, complete with detailed information on each one.

    In essence, a fun and relaxing activity based around a field that I’m deeply passionate about. In addition to providing a fun activity, I aim to deliver educational content based around each firearm featured; technical means of operation, the background of their creators, major political uses, and influences on manufacturing today.

    The goal is to make a book that’s suitable for adults to children alike, allows a relaxing connection with a favored hobby (whether gun enthusiast, gamer, or history lover), and shares some of the information that I love to share.

    Quotes from the designer and the print house have led me to an approximate price of $750 to design the book and get the first 100 copies printed.

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