Making Protection Personal: NEW Speer Gold Dot Rifle Bullet Components

    gold dot rifle

    Speer is revered in ammo circles for the performance of their Gold Dot hollow-points for law enforcement. For some time now, if you wished to reload your own Gold Dot ammunition you could for your handgun calibers, but not rifle. They now have opened the door for all of us to produce our own rifle ammo with Gold Dot rifle bullets especially designed for personal protection.

    Law enforcement have had the opportunity through special departmental purchases to get ammo loaded up with Gold Dot rifle bullets. Now all of us can! Some of the characteristics that Speer boasts specifically about their Gold Dot rifle bullets can be read below:

    • Gold Dot technology virtually eliminates core/jacket separations and produces a very uniform jacket
    • Extreme accuracy
    • Reliable performance to eliminate any threat
    • Consistent penetration and expansion through common barriers

    Another important trait is these bullets retain nearly 100% of their weight after impact. Something that is key in delivering all of the energy of the cartridge pushing the projectile. All of the new offerings of Gold Dot rifle bullets will come in boxes of 100 and have their associated price-points listed below.

    • .224 Cal 55 Grain | 22455GDB | MSRP $23.95
    • .224 Cal 62 Grain | 22462GDB | MSRP $23.95
    • .224 Cal 75 Grain | 22475GDB | MSRP $23.95
    • .264 Cal 120 Grain | 264120GDB | MSRP $29.95
    • .264 Cal 140 Grain | 264140GDB | MSRP $36.95
    • .277 Cal 115 Grain | 277115GDB | MSRP $29.95

    gold dot rifle

    • .277 Cal 90 Grain | 27790GDB | MSRP $33.95
    • .308 Cal (300 Blackout) 150 Grain | 308150BLKGDB | MSRP $33.95
    • .308 Cal 150 Grain | 308150GDB | MSRP $33.95
    • .308 Cal 168 Grain | 308168GDB | MSRP $36.95
    • .310 Cal 123 Grain | 310123GDB | MSRP $33.95

    All of these new offerings in a fair assortment of calibers should be available through your local or online retailer. So with the opportunity to potentially reload for .223 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, .308 Winchester and a host of other popular .30 caliber cartridges… would you? In a personal protection situation would you trust yourself to making your own ammo when life could be on the line? Do you trust Speer’s Gold Dot rifle bullet? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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