Deadpoint’s Glock Guide Rod Weaponlight

    Remember those guide rod lasers for Glocks by Lasermax? What if you could have a flashlight instead and use any holster you wanted? Well Deadpoint has made a guide rod weapon light for Glock pistols.

    Guide rod weaponlight diagram

    They make a total of four guide rod weaponlights. Glock 17 and Glock 19 both Gen 3 and Gen 4. The internal CREE LED is 90 lumens. While it is not a staggering amount of light, it should be sufficient for indoor use. The run time is limited to the small batteries which only last for 45 minutes of use.

    However look at the photos below of the replacement batteries. The Gen 4 guide rod batteries are much bigger than the Gen 3 batteries. Usually larger batteries have a longer run time. However Lee Harrison II of Deadpoint said they have similar run times.

    Gen 4 guide rod weaponlight batteries

    Gen 3 guide rod weaponlight batteries


    Below is the Gen 4 Guide Rod Weaponlight.

    Installation is rather simple. The hardest part is swapping out the factory take down lever for the Deadpoint lever. Activation is simple, you just push the take down lever left or right. The middle position is how you turn the light off.

    Just like the guide rod laser, the guide rod weaponlight does not add any bulk to the Glock handgun. How you can have a weaponlight and more importantly you can use any holster with this weaponlight. No need to have a specially designed holster to accommodate a weaponlight. Another added benefit is that the lens should be clear of gun blast residue you typically find on traditional external weaponlights.

    The Guide Rod Weaponlight retails for $199.99 on their website. Replacement batteries are $5 for the Gen 4 guide rods and $10 for Gen 3. According to Lee Harrison II they are working on compact guide rod weaponlights for the Glock 26/27 and Glock 42/43. They are also looking into higher lumen output upwards of 250 lumens but the problem is finding a battery that will fit inside the guide rod and have the voltage to power them.

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