LMT’s SOCOM SURG Entry – the Confined Space Weapon


    LMT's Confined Space Weapon (MilMag)

    At Poland’s MSPO 2018 exposition LMT have had their new Confined Space Weapon (CSW) on display. The LMT CSW is a suppressed PDW chambered in .300 Blackout with an extended forend covering the weapon’s suppressor.

    Poland’s MilMag have some photographs of the new rifle, which is believed to have been LMT’s entry into US SOCOM’s Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG) program. It was recently announced that SIG Sauer’s SURG entry had been awarded the $48 million contract to provide the kit that would retrofit existing M4A1 Carbines. As such the SURG requirement was for a 5.56x45mm upper receiver, LMT likely adapted the CSW for this.

    The CSW has an overall length of 24 inches with the stock collapsed. The carbine uses the company’s PDW kit, shortened buffer tube and smaller SOPMOD butt stock. The CSW’s barrel is 12 inches long, with 5 inches incorporating the suppressor. LMT’s website explains that the CSW uses their Virtual Baffle System suppressor technology and that the suppressor “passes SOCOM’s SURG high performance stress test”.

    LMT csw stripped

    LMT’s Confined Space Weapon stripped (MilMag)

    LMT’s 2018 catalogue describes the CSW as:

    …the ultimate tool for protection. Whether moving inside a ship hull, getting out of a vehicle or offering VIP protection, this weapon is designed for ultimate concealability and effectiveness. A complete weapon system with an integral suppressor in an overall weapon profile of 24”. Purpose built to give the user rifle caliber force in a smaller profile. Capable of firing sub-sonic and super-sonic ammunition with no modifications.

    It combines the the company’s ambidextrous MARS-L PDW lower receiver and a monolithic upper with a full length forend which covers both the barrel and the integral suppressor. This is designed to protect against potential burns – the SIG in contrast went with an exposed suppressor with a heat resistant wrap. The weapon is direct impingement operated and chambered .300 Blackout.

    It ships with back up iron sights, grip panels and a grip stop. MiLMag report that the weapon’s barrel has a projected life span of 10,000 rounds and that the barrel can be quickly and easily replaced. LMT’s website prices the weapon for military and law enforcement purchase at $3,999.

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