Korean Special Forces Upgraded Daewoo K1 and Night Vision

    In a recent Korean news video on MBC.com, they show some new upgrades for the Korean Special Forces however a trickle down process will occur for standard infantry. These soldiers are testing the upgraded Daewoo K1 along with what looks like PVS14 night vision monoculars.

    It seems everyone is mimicking the US when it comes to gear and equipment. The Daewoo K1, although loosely similar to an AR, seems to be modified to more closely resemble the AR weapon platform. You can see they have opted out the wire collapsible stock for a traditional AR style buffer tube and stock. The Daewoo K1 has built in iron sights but the military has upgraded these with optic rails and a rail system handguard.

    Upgraded Daewoo K1

    Photo by MBC.com

    Interestingly the top rail stops short of the front sight. I am not sure why they did not have the top rail continue to the end of the handguard. Below you can see the laser pointer module they are using in conjunction with their night vision. According to my Korean friend Kris K., the optic and laser are just stand ins from DI Optical. This new modernization program has just started and the Army has not decided which setup they will issue. More than likely a Government Tender program will be requested and vendors will submit to get the contract to supply the Army.

    Photo by MBC.com


    The reporter points out their accuracy increases when they use the new red dot sights as well as the IR laser with night vision. All of the rifles appear to be suppressed as well with what looks like a clone of the Surefire suppressor. It has similar features but they seem off to me.

    As I said before, it seems modern militaries are updating their equipment and it usually follows what the US military has been using or is currently using. Remember the Korean OICW my friend Bob tested? While that seems like a step backward, this new program to update the Army with upgraded Daewoo K1, red dot sights and night vision seems like a good idea.

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