American Made OTS-14 Groza Pistol

    Bad Element Co has been modifying AK magazines. Cutting windows into the sides of metal mags and various other modifications. Earlier this year he made an OTS-14 Groza Pistol.

    For those not familiar with the OTS-14 Groza, it is a Russian special forces bullpup typically chambered in 9×39. If you look at the Groza it shares some similarities with an AK74, specifically the hinged dust cover. Bad Element built an AK74 pistol chambered in 5.45.

    The beauty of the bullpup pistol is that it should be totally legal. If you recall, the Gwinn Firearms Bushmaster Arm Pistol is considered a pistol. The only problem with the Bushmaster Arm Pistol is that it ejects shells upwards, making it dangerous to cheek and shoulder. The Groza Pistol still retains the same action as a normal AK74 so you can use the dust cover as a cheek rest.

    The conversion seems difficult but actually, if you start with an AK pistol, all you need to do is modify and install the carry handle sight as well as set up the trigger housing as the handguard. Relocating the trigger should be relatively easy as well. I own a Bushmaster Arm Pistol and if Bad Element Co utilized a similar trigger system, it should be very easy to implement it into the Groza Pistol.

    Groza Pistol in the snow

    Photo by Bad Element

    Photo by Bad Element

    Photo by Bad Element

    At the moment Bad Element has only made this version and also a prototype. He recently built a rifle version with a proper stock.


    I understand the reasoning to use an AK74 as the host weapon but I hope he makes one chambered in 9×39. He has expressed the desire to SBR the bullpup and suppress it. This would be perfect for 9×39 as it suppresses well. Bad Element Co has mentioned that he will eventually sell kits and possibly complete firearms of the Groza Pistol at some point. To follow Bad Element’s work on the Groza Pistol check out his instagram.

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