Alamo Precision Rifle Action

    Alamo Precision Rifle is a manufacturer of affordable custom precision rifles based in Hurst Texas. They just released their new APR Action.  The Alamo Precision Rifle Action is a feature-rich custom bolt action that won’t break the bank.

    A lot of precision rifle shooters want something better than the typical factory offerings.  There are some fine examples of factory rifles out there that just flat out hammer.  Tikka and Bergara come to mind right away as rifles that are affordable, accurate, and consistent in terms of quality controls.  There was a time when Remington’s 700 series rifles were hard to beat.  In my opinion, that time seems to have passed, and it leaves consumers with a question.  Should I get that old 700 short action that’s collecting dust in the safe professionally trued, or should I just build a new custom rifle on a custom action?

    The discerning marksman typically leans towards a custom build knowing that the accuracy and reliability can’t be beaten.  The costs add up quickly when you go that route, however.  Manner’s stock, 1000 dollars. Defiance Action, 1200 dollars. Barlein Barrel, 500 dollars.  The list goes on to include a trigger, muzzle brake, and optic.  Bottom line, custom rifles are not cheap.  To that end, I haven’t met a person yet that wouldn’t want to save 500 dollars if it meant you didn’t really have to sacrifice anything critical.

    Alamo Precision Rifles may have just the thing you’re looking for.  Their new custom action “far exceeds the quality, standard features, and tolerances of any factory action, while maintaining a similar all-in cost of a trued factory action.”  The APR Action boasts the following features:

    • Remington 700 Footprint
    • Consistent Tolerances
    • Mechanical Ejector
    • Side Bolt Stop Release
    • Threaded Bolt Knob
    • Spiral Fluted Bolt
    • Pinned Recoil Lug
    • Tool-less Fire Control Removal
    • Controlled Round Feed
    • 20 MOA Picatinny Rail
    • 8-40 Base Screws

    You get all this from a reputable company for $799.00 MSRP.  If you find yourself in need of a custom action for that next rifle build, perhaps the new Alamo Precision Rifle Action is just the ticket.  You can find more information on their website.  Alamo Precision.

    Joel W

    Ex Law Enforcement. Security consultant. Owner of the Precision Rifle Network. Long range shooter and competitor. Husband. Father.