MIX IT UP: Monarch Arms ARG3 Receiver Sets Up For Pre-Sale


    To me, the H&K G3 20 round straight magazine is one of the sexiest ammunition feeding devices on the planet. I mean, peel back that brown anti-corrosion wrapping paper, wipe it down with a fine terry cloth sprayed with a hint of Hoppe’s, dress it up with some surplus battle rifle ammo and you’ve found your own little slice of heaven. What? Don’t tell me that certain stamped magazines don’t move you the same way. In an unlikely combination, Monarch Arms is offering a unique AR10 receiver set that accepts these hot G3 magazines.

    With surplus G3 magazines available starting at $4-$5 I am willing to bet Monarch Arms will sell quite a few of these hybrid receiver sets. A company representative on Instagram stated that magazines will drop- free rather than a more traditional rock in/out paddle release seen on the G3 and HK91.

    Pre-order pricing is set at $550 with delivery scheduled for sometime in October.

    Monarch Arms ARG3 Up For Pre-Sale


    The all new Monarch Arms ARG3 receivers combine the best of new and old styling and functionality. The receivers are the ONLY current production receivers that accept HKG3 style mags as used commonly in the HKG3/HK91/PTR rifles (CETME MAGS MAY REQUIRE SOME MODIFICATIONS TO WORK).

    The receivers are:

    • made from 7075 T6 grade aluminum
    • made in the USA
    • compatible with standard DPMS style parts
    • features a DPMS HIGH handguard compatible rail height
    • DO NOT feature a last round bolt hold open (G3 mag followers do not allow this feature)
    • utilize a proprietary upper/lower combo that only work together!
    • are hard coat type 3 anodized black

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