Federal Premium Blackcloud FS Steel in No. 1 and 3 Shot intends to Drop more Ducks

    Blackcloud FS Steel

    Federal Premium’s Blackcloud shotgun loads have become a benchmark for many when it comes to waterfowl hunting. The dense, tight patterns and consistent knock-down ensures more birds end up in the boat and less “shoulda, woulda, coulda” stories are told around the water cooler on Monday morning. To make even more hunters happy, Federal Premium is offering their line of Blackcloud FS Steel waterfowl loads in more shot sizes to appeal to more hunters. You can now get Blackcloud FS Steel in No. 1 and No. 3 Shot for both 12 and 20 Gauge.

    The secret sauce behind these shotgun loads are the Flitecontrol Flex wad that guides the path of the Flitestopper Steel Pellets. Between these two proprietary and exclusive components from Federal Premium, you get a pretty dang good combo out in the field. Federal Premium goes on to further elaborate about these unique elements in their shells.

    • Rear-Opening FLITECONTROL FLEX Wad provides the Tightest Patterns possible through both Ported & Standard Chokes
    • Payload of 40% FLITESTOPPER Steel Pellets & 60% Premium® Steel for Dense Patterns & Larger Wound Channels
    • 100% FLITESTOPPER Payload in Close Range Offerings
    • Catalyst Lead-Free Primer & Clean-Burning, Temperature-Stable Propellant drastically reduce Residue
    • Black Nickel Head inhibits Corrosion
    • Sealed Crimp defeats Moisture in Extreme Conditions

    All of these positive attributes can be found in their prior offerings and the ones they just recently unveiled in No. 1 and 3 Shot. All of the new shotgun loads along with their coinciding MSRPs can be read below.

    • 12 Gauge 3 ½” | 1-½ Oz. 1-Shot | 1,500 FPS | MSRP $36.95 (PWBX134 1)
    • 12 Gauge 3 ½” | 1-½ Oz. 3-Shot | 1,500 FPS | MSRP $33.95 (PWBX134 3)
    • 12 Gauge 3” | 1-¼  Oz. 1-Shot | 1,450 FPS | MSRP $27.95 (PWBX142 1)
    • 12 Gauge 3” | 1-1/8 Oz. 1-Shot | 1,635 FPS | MSRP $27.95 (PWBXH143 1)
    • 20 Gauge 3” | 1 Oz. 1-Shot | 1,350 FPS | MSRP $24.95 (PWBX209 1)
    • 20 Gauge 3” | 1 Oz. 3-Shot | 1,350 FPS | MSRP $24.95 (PWBX209 3)

    So what do you guys think?… I am personally a waterfowl hunter, but I have not tried the new Blackcloud loads by Federal Premium yet (still churning through some old Speed-Shok loads by Federal). Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We would love to hear your input.

    Blackcloud FS Steel

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