UPGRADE: Prodigy Grips From Aristotle Engineering

by Pete

I am a sucker for Ruger rimfire pistol upgrades; my MKII gets shot more than any other gun in the safe. While I long to own a Volquartsen Scorpion, the mod-prone me knows that a ready-out-of-the box gun may be just too perfect. For those of you with the same custom rimfire lusts, Aristotle Engineering is offering up custom aluminum grips for the Ruger MKIV line of pistols. Details below.

PRODIGY grips is another great product designed by Aristotle Engineering and proudly made in America. We set out to develop a high-quality grip that will set your Ruger® Mark IV apart from all the others. PRODIGY grips, with a unique hexagon pattern, gives your pistol a better grip and custom look. The color matched anodizing adds a distinctive appeal and will endure years of use. We only use aircraft grade 6061 aluminum combined with precision CNC machining.


  • MSRP: $79.00
  • Free Shipping
  • Precision machined from aircraft grade aluminum to fit your Ruger® perfectly
  • Custom anodized to match your Ruger® factory color
  • Designed with a hexagon pattern to give your Ruger® Mark IV a bold new appearance

About Aristotle Engineering:

Aristotle Engineering is a family owned and operated business established in 2007. Growing up in the great state of Arizona gave me the opportunity to hunt all types of animals. I started out like most young men with my very own Red Rider and used it to chase birds. Eventually I graduated to a .22 rifle. As I got older and more experienced, I found shooting rifles at longer ranges a challenging adventure. In 2009 I built my first AR-15 which became a great rifle for predator hunting. I started hunting an area that gave me the opportunity to shoot coyotes out to 400 yards. Shooting at that range needs a steady rest, so I carried my tripod along to set my AR on top of it for stability. It was then I began to pursue the idea of how to effectively lock the rifle in place.


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  • MediumSizeTex MediumSizeTex on Aug 15, 2018

    Just the thing to cosplay as The Terror!

  • Sunshine_Shooter Sunshine_Shooter on Aug 15, 2018

    Sure, the grips are cool, but "Aristotle Engineering"? Granted, I have very little training in ancient western philosophy, but Aristotle doesn't seem like an inspiring mascot for an arms accessories company.