Six NEW Recover Tactical Pistol Rails Now Available for Preorder

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Six NEW Recover Tactical Pistol Rails Now Available for Preorder (112)

About a month ago, we reported about the subcompact pistol rails that were being developed by Recover Tactical. Back then, the company published the images of three rails from a total of six that were to be released keeping secret the other three rails. Recently, they revealed the remaining three rails and announced that all the six new pistol rails are now available for preorder.

The new Recover Tactical rails are designed for the Glock 26, Glock 43, S&W M&P Shield, Glock 19 Gen 1 and 2, SIG Sauer P365 as well as Glock 19/23 and 17/22 Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5 pistols. The reason they offer the rails for the Glock Gen 3-5 pistols is to convert the original rail into a full-size Picatinny rail. I am not sure if this will provide any kind of improvement over the standard Glock rail or make the gun more versatile. Do you think this is an actual useful feature? Let us know in the comments section if you know some cool accessory that won’t fit the standard Glock rail but now it will be possible to install that accessory on the Recover Tactical rail conversion.

Below you can find the computer mockups of all the six new rails.

Six NEW Recover Tactical Pistol Rails Now Available for Preorder (2)

The Recover Tactical rails are made of glass reinforced polymer. The weight of each of the rails is 25 grams (a little less than an ounce). The installation of these rails does not require any permanent modifications to the weapon. These rails basically have a two-piece design and all you need to install them is to connect the two parts on the weapon and fix them in place with the provided hardware. Installation on the pistols that have no rails is accomplished by wrapping the Recover Tactical rail around the front wall of the trigger guard and hooking it over the edge of the frame as shown in the image below.

Six NEW Recover Tactical Pistol Rails Now Available for Preorder (1)

Each of these six Recover Tactical rails is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $27.5. The estimated start of shipping is the end of September.

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Hrachya H
Hrachya H

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  • Georgesteele Georgesteele on Aug 11, 2018

    When are they going to make one for a German Luger so I can mount lasers and lights, and sling swivels, and tripods, and, and . . .? That way I can make it so heavy it won't recoil . . .

    Actually, they make pretty good stuff - I have one of their grip/pic rail setups on an Argentine 1911 sitting right next to me as I write this, with a very compact laser mounted. The rebated shape on the trigger guard, and the ribbed front strap and grip panels improve handling. Well worth the investment.

    Would love a set of these for my S&W 4006 - or even the full-sized CC3H style grips/guard/rail system.

  • David S David S on Aug 11, 2018

    Now the Glocks, Smiths and Sigs can have rails just like the Springfield Armory guns get from the factory.

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    • David S David S on Aug 13, 2018

      @Comrade Melnikov I'm sure all the guys on here looking for where to hang their bayonets could use the directions.