XTech Tactical MAG47 7.62x39mm AK Magazine

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
XTech Tactical MAG47 7.62x39mm AK Magazine (2)

Xtech Tactical has introduced a new 7.62x39mm 30 round AK magazine called MAG47. The new magazine has a polymer construction with metal reinforced front and rear lugs as well as metal inserts underneath the feed lips providing a metal reinforcement for the feed lips, too.

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The XTech Tactical MAG47 magazines also feature stainless steel springs with some sort of anti-binding mechanism/geometry. The baseplate has a quick release mechanism making it easy to disassemble these magazines for cleaning and maintenance. The sides of the magazines have a waffle pattern which is probably incorporated into the design to add structural strength. The front and rear walls of the magazine feature horizontal serrations. These serrations in conjunction with the side waffle pattern should provide a good gripping surface ensuring a firm purchase on the magazine.

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Apparently, the company really takes pride in their product and confidently markets it for the most serious use in the toughest conditions. In fact, they claim to have made the strongest US-made polymer AK magazine ever. Whether these claims are true or not, we can’t tell until these magazines get into people’s hands, get used and abused and a sufficient amount of feedback is generated. Overall, this new Xtech magazine looks to have a promising design, but again, the time will tell if you should avoid purchasing these magazines or replace all your existing AK magazines with MAG47s. At any rate, if you are an AK enthusiast and if an AK rifle is your go-to gun, then I think it should not hurt to give these new magazines a try.

XTech Tactical Mag47 30 round magazines are listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $28.95. On their website, the company states that they do not ship these magazines to international customers as well as customers located in the following states: CA, CO, MD, MA, NJ, NY, VT, DC, CT, or HI.

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Hrachya H
Hrachya H

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  • Slovko Slovko on Aug 07, 2018

    Looks promising. If they turn out to be good, I sure hope they decide to focus their attention on designing a similar AK-74 mag. The cost and availability of quality mags for this platform is really pathetic

    • Reef Blastbody Reef Blastbody on Aug 08, 2018

      @Slovko Yeah, I'd like to see some AK-74 love too. Hopefully they retain the metal locking tabs and feedlips, since the MOE PMAG30 for the AK74s are sub $10 right now, and it'd be a definite selling point over the all polymer MOE.

      XTech is definitely aiming at the Magpul Gen M3 magazine with their AKM offering, and one upping them with steel reinforced feed lips, which I find very appealing. If the street price follows the usual ~10-15% below MSRP practice, and they perform as promised, they won't have any problems selling them.

  • Tim U Tim U on Aug 08, 2018

    Only thing I don’t like seeing is that they are probably not going to be compatible with the Galil Ace magwell. Not a complete deal breaker, but as someone who wants the Ace as well a possible issue. I know the old US Palms are a no go for them.

    Interested to see how they do before my AK gets some.

    • Reef Blastbody Reef Blastbody on Aug 08, 2018

      @Tim U On the 7.62X39 Galil ACE, the lower polymer shell can be removed without affecting the functionality of the rifle, allowing use of polymer magazines that are externally larger than their metal counterparts. As I recall, you also do not permanently alter the rifle to do so, and can reinstall the factory polymer cladding if you're looking to sell.
      The 7.62X39 ACE, as far as the magazine well goes, doesn't differ from a standard AKM.

      This doesn't apply to the 5.56 and .308 ACE, obviously, due to them using AR pattern magazines.