Germans and Israelis Working In Harmony – G36 Tavor Collaboration

    Thanks to Tom Bostic of Tommy Built, I got a G36 carry handle with the Hensoldt dual optic. I was going to put it on my Archangel conversion stock of my Ruger 10/22 but it did not fit. Then I decided to mount it to my Tavor X95. I present the G36 Tavor Collaboration.

    The G36 carry handle dual optic has a fixed 3x scope in the bottom and a red dot directly above it. It was designed for the H&K G36 rifle. It uses a combination of proprietary dove tail and bolts to attach to the top of the G36. I had my friend Brian Miller aka @BKMILLER556 to print me an adapter that would allow me to attach the G36 handle to a picatinny rail.

    Here is a test we did where we mounted it to one of Brian’s competition PCC. As you can see in the photo below, the height looks excessive but it actually works very well. While the red dot is tall it helps with a heads up shooting position for close range target acquisition. Then I just lower my head and the 3X scope is at a natural height that I can get a normal cheek weld.

    However while G36 dual optic carry handle works on an AR I thought it would look and work well on an IWI Tavor.

    G36 Tavor in hand

    It has a spaceforce feel to it and sort of resembles the HS VHS-2 bullpup rifle.

    I tried to put it on my AR57 upper but sadly the gap between rails is too far apart.

    I have yet to go to the range and test fire this set up. I imagine it will work rather well. The 3D printed carbon fiber based polymer, that Brian used, is rated similarly to the polymer used in Glocks.

    Nicholas C

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