Mack Brothers 2018 Evo Titanium

by Pete

If you are like me, when you hear the name Mack Brothers you think suppressors, not knowing that the Sturgis, South Dakota manufacturers build parts, accessories and complete weapons systems for the precision shooter. The Mack Brothers 2018 Evo Titanium is precision machinened for shooters who want to squeeze every ounce of performance from their rifle build.

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Mack Brothers 2018 Evo Titanium

The Mack Brothers EVO titanium action is made from a 6Al-4V titanium alloy, reducing the weight of a standard Rem. 700 SA receiver by 35%. Each action is cut utilizing advanced wire EDM technology for precision tolerances and reduced internal residual stress on the action compared to traditional machining.

Each action comes with a self-indexing titanium recoil lug, complete bolt, and a 20 MOA Picatinny rail. The enhanced recoil lug adds thread length for more contact with the barrel and increased overall precision in your rifle. The 20 MOA Picatinny rail can easily be removed for the hole alignment to be compatible with a set of front Remington rings for complete customization. Other features include a streamlined external bolt stop located above the stock line (doesn’t have to be inlet into the stock) and an integral trigger hanger system for ease of assembly and enhanced trigger repeat-ability in the field (trigger hanger helps tune after market triggers).

MSRP: $1250 includes (complete one piece bolt, 20 MOA pic rail, recoil lug, trigger hanger)

Our bolts feature M16 style extractors, Remington style cocking pieces, threaded bolt handles for interchangeable knobs as well as threaded and pinned handles. Each bolt is coated with a Nib-X coating for reduced friction and superior durability. All parts proudly made in America.

We are also selling the complete one piece fluted bolts as replacement bolts at $323.

Mack Brothers was founded in 1997 to meet the CNC manufacturing needs of businesses in the firearms community. Operating in a 14000 sq. ft. facility as a third party manufacturer for suppliers to multiple military and law enforcement agencies foreign and domestic.

With a business focused on the precision firearms industry and the desire to expand and develop our own product, the natural evolution was into sound suppression.


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