Labradar Releases New App

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    Labradar's new app

    Labradar produces the most prominent commercially available radar-based chronograph for firearms use.  Prior to the Labradar, and the magnetospeed which is a good chronograph in its own right, the most accurate way of getting muzzle velocities was to take multiple light gate style chronographs run them in series, shoot through all of them, then take an average.  Yes, there were other options such as industrial grade radar units on the market but they were cost prohibitive for the average shooter.  Click HERE for another informative article comparing the Labradar against industrial grade radar chronograph.

    Now with the release of their new app the Labradar unit has gotten even more user-friendly.  Here is a brief summary from the Labradar site ( about what the app has to offer:

    Control your Labradar from your smartphone or tablet with its Bluetooth connection. Consult all your statistics displayed in list or table. Manage, store or delete the information in your series as you wish. All these possibilities and many more are now in your hands. Thanks to the Labradar mobile app.


      • Control your labradar from your smartphone or tablet
      • Arm, disarm and change your settings
      • Display statistics of last shot
      • Velocities
      • Energy
      • Power Factor
      • Consult your last shooting stats
        • Series
          • Highest & lowest Shot
          • Extreme Spread
          • Velocity versus distance displayed in graphic and list
          • Standard deviation
        • Shot
          • Velocity versus distance displayed in graphic and list
          • Energy
          • Power factor


    photo from app store


    Personally, I am most excited about the ability to arm the device remotely, since it needs to be in front of the muzzle when taking readings with a suppressor.  Additionally, the option to manage data such as shot strings from a mobile device will make storing and deleting that information much more streamlined. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and instructions for updating your unit can be found at the Labradar website (   For those that do not wish to go through all of the steps to update their unit Labradar even has SD cards with the firmware update preloaded on them available.

    To see everything Labradar has to offer visit: