Brigand Arms Carbon Black Series of AR-15 Handguards

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New Brigand Arms Carbon Black EDGE AR-15 Handguard (3)

Brigand Arms, a company well known for designing carbon fiber firearm accessories, now offers a new carbon fiber handguard series called Carbon Black. Right now, there are two models of the Carbon Black handguards available: Carbon Black EDGE and Carbon Black BLADE. These handguards were earlier introduced at SHOT Show 2018 and now they are available for purchase.

Brigand Arms Carbon Black EDGE handguard

As expected from carbon fiber products, these handguards are extremely lightweight. The weight of the 12″ handguard including the barrel nut is 6.6 oz. The company claims that this is the second lightest handguard on the market – second only to their open structure braided handguards of the same length. Here is the description of other features of these handguards quoted from the manufacturer’s website:

Available in similar lengths and styles to our original open-structure handguards (7″, 9″, 12″, 15″ – BLADE & EDGE models). The Carbon Black rail matches our existing high standard for handguard strength and heat rejection, and is capped with hard anodized aluminum rings for optimal impact resistance. It mounts on our standard ultralight barrel nut, and includes multiple M-LOK mounting slots, to accommodate any accessory. These carbon fiber parts are conditioned for stability even during barrel heat cycling, so front iron-sights and other aiming accessories remain accurate during any rate of fire.

Brigand Arms Carbon Black EDGE handguard installed on an AR-15 rifle

The difference between the EDGE and BLADE handguards are the profile of the front end and the existence or absence of M-LOK slots. If EDGE handguard has a straight tubular shape and features M-LOK slots, the BLADE has a slant cut shape of its front portion and lacks M-LOK accessory mounting slots.

Brigand Arms Carbon Black BLADE handguard installed on an AR-15 rifle

Besides the mentioned length options, both BLADE and EDGE handguards are also available either for AR-15 rifles of DPMS pattern AR-10 rifles. Depending on the weapon system and the handguard length the MSRP for the EDGE handguard varies from $199 to $284. The BLADE handguard price varies from $209 to $294 also depending on the same options.

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