Armaspec Victory Ambidextrous AR-15 Charging Handle

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Armaspec has introduced a new ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle called Victory. The company takes pride in the design of this product and has incorporated a number of cool features into it. In fact, Armaspec notes that this is a patent-pending product which means they consider the design features to be different and significant enough to file a patent application for. Here is how the company describes this product:

The Armaspec VictoryTM ambidextrous charging handle designed for the 5.56/.223 rifle or pistol. With curved handles for hands free charging, integrated vents ports to route captured gas downward away from the face , and center force charging to reduce shaft twisting. Made from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard black anodized. Patents Pending.

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As you can see in the images, the handles are not only curved but also skeletonized and feature large serrations to ensure a firm purchase. The vent ports that help to redirect the gasses away from the shooters face are especially important when shooting with a suppressor which as you know increases the pressure of the system and blows more gasses back to the shooter’s face. This feature should be especially important when firing multiple rounds in quick succession through suppressed carbines and SBRs.

Apparently, when pulled back, the handles also stop on the rear portion of the shaft removing the excessive stresses from the latch pin. This is just my assumption based on the examination of the appearance of this charging handle. It is probably true because such feature has become standard for the advanced charging handles.

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As mentioned above, the Armaspec Victory charging handle is made of 7075-T6 aluminum and it also features a hard coat anodized finish. The MSRP on the manufacturer’s website is set at $57. This product is completely made in the USA and covered by a lifetime warranty.

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  • Patrick Patrick on Jun 28, 2018

    FWIW - if you want a simple non-over-sized ambi handle, the "Strike Industries AR-15 Latchless Ambidextrous Charging Handle" works great for me. It reduces the number of parts with an ingenious design that uses spring tension to lock the handle to the inside of the upper receiver. My only concern is that some material is removed, so it's not as inherently strong as more conventional designs. Since I'm not a l33t operator in harms way, I really don't care.

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    • Patrick Patrick on Jun 28, 2018

      @Cymond Since neither SBRs nor silencers are California legal, I don't have to worry about that. Yes, since it is a "friction lock", I would imagine that anything that causes a large amount of gas blowback into the action could cause the charging handle to pop loose.

  • Dewey Dewey on Jul 11, 2018

    The standard charging handle is inherently ambidextrous. It was designed to be pulled by the index and middle fingers, with which both hands are equipped.