Black Butterfly Ammo Responds To Fake Israel/Palestine Conflict Reports

by Pete
Credit: Al Jazeera

In a strange case of internet misinformation, South Carolina ammunition manufacturer Black Butterfly Ammo has been pulled into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with fake reports of their products being used to wound civilian protesters in Gaza. On multiple social media outlets, users are outraged by the use of “exploding” butterfly bullets and often the postings include the unauthorized use of images from Black Butterfly’s website that show expanded bullets used to hunt large game like hogs.

A company spokesman reached out to TFB in the hopes of setting the record straight: Black Butterfly Ammo has never sold ammunition to anyone in the Middle East. “Even though Israel is allied [with the U.S.], we have never sold or provided ammunition to IDF Forces. Recently the company started receiving email from individuals around the world asking how they could “participate in such atrocities” with their “explosive” bullets.

The internet being the internet, the fake news traveled fast, even landing on the mainstream media outlet Al Jazeera (the above title image/story) with emotionally charged headlines. Social media postings used graphic imagery to display protesters and children wounded in conflicts with IDF Forces.


A modest amount of research shows the tissue and bone damage image used to explain the exploding “butterfly ammunition” is actually taken from a diagram explaining bullet wounds versus shrapnel wounds.

Obviously, TFB doesn’t wade into politics, religion or any other polarizing topics (unless it’s 9mm vs .45 ACP or the use of silencer vs suppressor). My only suggestion is to read all news with a critical eye and do your own research where appropriate.

Black Butterfly Ammo – About .458 SOCOM

In 2015, Black Butterfly Ammunition was formed as the manufacturing side of The initial offering was determined to be the gigantic wildcat .458 SOCOM. This round was developed by Marty Ter Weeme, founder of Teppo Jutsu, LLC in 2000 and quickly developed a cult like following among big bore shooters and hog hunters due to the power and accuracy it delivered.

This Big Bore round fit with the business philosophy of the Black Butterfly Ammunition founders who wanted to manufacturer hard hitting ammunition for hunters. During their testing, it was quickly discovered that there was not enough dedicated .458 SOCOM projectiles with many of them being retooled .45/70 projectiles. The main problem with these projectiles was that many of them were too blunt and reduced the ability to “hang out” the rounds. During the first year of manufacturing, Black Butterfly Ammunition formed relationships with several nationally known projectile manufacturers to develop exclusive projectiles specifically for the .458 SOCOM like the CTX Migration, Maker Turbo Saw, Cutting Edge Maximus Giganticus and the Hawk D600 Colossus.

Black Butterfly Ammo was quickly recogonized as a expert in the .458 SOCOM industry and was asked to work with CMMG on the release of their CMMG Anvil. During the release of this rifle, Black Butterfly Ammo was fortunate enough to be reviewed and featured in multiple national magazines and articles including Guns and Ammo, Gun World and American Rifleman Magazine.

In addition, Black Butterfly Ammunition has also been featured in countless industry expert YouTube reviews and videos which can viewed in their entierty on the Black Butterfly Ammunition YouTube Channel. We have also included dozens of customer videos and videos made by us just shooting our 458 SOCOM ammo having fun like the one below.


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  • Lee Lee on Jun 19, 2018

    Both these groups hate christians. You're either an infidel or a stupid goyim in their eyes. You're wife is a whore to be stoned or a gentle's shiksa to be degraded. They equally commit war crimes, almost on a weekly basis now.

    I really dont see the controversy here. Honestly, the more bullets we can send over there so these losers can kill each other, the better.

    • Simcha M. Simcha M. on Jun 20, 2018

      @Lee Lee, Why is Steve McQueen the thumbnail that you chose? He didn't hate Jews; why do you?

      And no, Israelis do not hate Christians. What we DO hate is the traditional Christian habit of trying to convert us and tell us that we are "incomplete Jews" by not accepting Jesus. And thankfully, this practice has subsided greatly in the last few decades.

      More American Christians visit Israel annually than do my fellow Jews, so it makes zero sense to hold them in contempt.

  • Sds Sds on Jun 19, 2018

    For all the statements about Israeli over-reaction to Hamas and other terrorist organizations, the one inescapable fact is that if these organizations stopped firing rockets, knifing women in the street, and other terrorist activities at 9AM today, there would not be any Palestinians shot after 9:05.