MTM Case-Gard Introduces New Tactical Pistol Case

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y
MTM Case-Gard Tactical Pistol Case now available.

MTM Case-Gard recently unveiled their Tactical Pistol Case line, capable of carrying multiple firearms at once. This helps to eliminate the need to carry separate handgun cases when going to the range. The addition of several key features allows the user to consider Tactical Pistol Case as a temporary storage option as well.

Whether for storage or simply transport to/from the range, the cases are available in either 3, 4, or 6 capacities. Unlike traditional handgun cases which only allow the user limited additional storage space, each Tactical Pistol Case can also accommodate additional accessories, magazines, or ammunition.

Made in America with mil-spec foam, each handgun is individually stored to prevent dings or scratches from coming into contact with other firearms in the case. An o-ring protects against moisture or dust with a water resistant seal while the triple tabs allow for secure storage via padlock use.

The 3-gun model has additional storage capabilities and stores each firearm separately.

Tactical Pistol Case Features:

  • All cases are lined with mil-spec foam
  • Handguns held individually
  • Water-resistant O-ring seal to guard against dust and moisture
  • Flexible storage area for storing extra mags or accessories
  • Cases are triple tabbed for padlock use
  • Available in 3, 4, or 6 handgun capacities.
  • Made in America
  • MSRP $34.95-$49.95

Press release content provided by MTM Case-Gard. Check out more MTM Case-Gard on TFB here!

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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  • Justin Bailey Justin Bailey on Jun 19, 2018

    The word "Tactical" means someone is trying to sell you something, and they think you're a god damned idiot.

  • Town22 Town22 on Jul 11, 2018

    I spotted this case online 'Sportsman guide'. I use it for storage or other applications. It’s very durable, water resisting and scratch repelling material. Great buy for the price.