OM Operations LLC Purchases High Threat Concealment

    OM Operations


    On June 8th High Threat Concealment (HTC) sent out an email announcing that OM Operations LLC, a Texas-based company, purchased HTC. High Threat Concealment is well known for their low profile gear and has served professionals working in close protection and low visibility operations. Their developments and continued innovation are the result of real-world experience and have provided some of the finest low profile systems used by many agencies and military personnel worldwide.

    OM Operations LLC

    OM Operations LLC have been friends and supporters of HTC for many years. This move will provide a catalyst to allow two great American companies the ability to better supply the best gear to their customers. Kristen Osiecki is the Owner/CEO of OM Operations. Like the previous owners of HTC, she is also a veteran, serving in the United States Air Force. She has also worked as an ER Doctor for 17 years. While working in the ER, Kristen Osiecki was able to see the devastating consequences of inadequate gear. These lessons learned have pushed her to engage in the firearms industry and continue building HTC’s products and branding.

    OM Operations members have depended on High Threat concealment gear for overt and low profile missions during their careers. This valuable experience both in military and law enforcement applications will continue the evolution of current and future HTC products.

    New Emphasis

    OM Operations have set their sights high for the rest of 2018 and into 2019. Not only will a heavy focus be set on new, innovative products, but an emphasis will also fall on redesigning the website and improving the overall user experience. I have used many products from HTC for the last few years and look forward to seeing how this new partnership will evolve.

    OM Operations

    Shown is High Threat Concealment’s Low Profile System. This belt setup designed to allow the user to carry a handgun, secondary and primary magazines, a radio and a medkit. The benefit is this system is extremely modularity to best meet end-user requirements.

    Richard L.

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