French Ministry of Defense & Hornady Strike Deal for 90,000 Rapid Rack Safety Devices

    French Ministry of Defense

    Hornady’s Rapid Rack® has recently gained some significant international appeal. The French Ministry of Defense has especially taken a liking to their Rapid Rack® because of its ability to allow individuals in close proximity to know a firearm is unloaded. Simultaneously, any firearm with this device can be loaded at a moment’s notice by simply cycling it out of the action.

    Hornady provide this Press Release to the public announcing the deal that was struck:

    Hornady® Manufacturing Company has struck a deal to sell more than 90,000 of its Rapid Rack® empty chamber indicator / load-assist devices to the French Ministry of Defense through the company’s French distributor, Sidam SAS.

    The French Ministry of Defense will purchase a customized Rapid Rack, sporting a black handle rather than the standard red, to accompany 93,340 new Heckler & Koch HK416 rifles. The French armed forces have chosen the HK416 to replace the long-running FAMAS, nicknamed the Bugle for its distinctive shape, as their standard assault rifle.

    ‘This purchase confirms that Hornady is recognized throughout the world as a supplier of not only top-of-the-line ammunition but also innovative accessories,’ said Steve Catlett, International Sales Manager. ‘We’re just as proud to help the French armed forces defend their nation as we are to help U.S. law enforcement agencies stay cruiser ready with our Rapid Rack.’

    Not only an empty chamber indicator, the Rapid Rack® also operates as a load-assist device, allowing law enforcement officers or military personnel to keep their long guns ready with a fully charged magazine and a visibly empty chamber.The user inserts the cartridge-shaped portion into the chamber, leaving the lever protruding from the gun’s ejection port, and then closes the bolt and inserts a loaded magazine. Grabbing the lever and pulling straight back allows the Rapid Rack to fall to the ground so the fully charged bolt springs forward to feed a round into the chamber.

    French Ministry of Defense


    At an MSRP of $12.48 per Rapid Rack® on Hornady’s website, that contract has the potential to be as high as $1.1 Million. While no formal amount was publicly given for the contract, that is just an optimistically high potential value. Regardless of the specific amount, it is great business for Hornady.

    TheFirearmBlog reviewed this safety device back in 2016 and that review can be read HERE.

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