[SOFIC 2018] Franklin Armory’s New TR-4 Binary Goes Full Auto

    Everyone knows about Binary Triggers by Franklin Armory by now. It is a clever design that allows your firearm to fire on pull and release of the trigger. This has been approved by ATF as two independent manipulations of the trigger and therefore considered semi-automatic. At SOFIC 2018, Franklin Armory debuted their latest Binary Trigger the TR-4. It is a Binary Trigger with a full auto option.

    Actually it is a select fire trigger with a binary option. This does not mean you can get this trigger and put it in your semi-auto make it a machine gun. The TR-4 only works with a full auto sear trip. So if you have a post sample or transferable full auto AR then you can have Safe, Semi, Binary and Full Auto modes.

    Sun Naegele of Franklin Armory shared the position of the selector switch with us. You will have the same cardinal directions for SAFE/SEMI/FULL they just add Binary to the 6 o’clock position. According to Sun, Binary mode is reached by rotating the selector up from safe. You cannot continue to Full Auto from Binary. Nor can you go from Full Auto directly down to Binary mode. So no chance of accidental activation possibility when using Binary mode.

    Here is a quick photoshop job I whipped up to illustrate the different positions.

    close up of faux TR-4

    NOT AN ACTUAL PRODUCT: Artist rendition of what the TR-4 would look like.

    One issue you can see immediately is that you will have to remove the travel stop just above Full so the selector lever can rotate upwards for the Binary mode.

    One benefit to adding Binary Mode to a Select Fire system is the faster double tap shots. While not as fast as a dedicated 2 round burst, the binary mode two round shot is faster than traditional double taps using semi only mode.

    No word on pricing as these have just been announced at SOFIC 2018. We will update you once we find out more information.

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