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    A company called Mayhem Syndicate makes an interesting muzzle device system for Glock pistols. It is called CALI Compensator System and it consists of a custom Glock barrel and the Mayhem Syndicate Carry Compensator muzzle device attached to it. Let’s see what advantages this system offers.

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    The main idea behind this system is to make a pistol compensator that will be as compact as possible with minimal overall length increase. That is the reason they went with a proprietary muzzle attachment system consisting of a short threaded portion and an EDM cut groove on the muzzle. The compensator is threaded onto the muzzle and fixed in place via a roll pin. This solution allows them to achieve a minimum overall length increase which they call “Glock one size up”. It means that the overall length with the compensator installed is no more than that of next larger size model of a comparable caliber Glock pistol. For example, if you install the CALI Compensator System on a Glock 19, the overall length of the pistol will become identical to Glock 17. G17 equipped with a CALI Compensator System will have an overall length of Glock 34 and so on – one size up.

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    The above-described feature coupled with the slim profile of the Carry Compensator makes it easier to find a holster for this setup. Glock pistols equipped with the CALI Compensator System will fit the holsters designed for one size larger pistols: G19 will fit a G17 holster, G17 will fit a G34 holster and so on.

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    As seen in the images, the Carry Compensator has three ports. The side ports allow it to work as a muzzle brake mitigating the felt recoil and the single top port reduces the muzzle climb. The compensator itself is made of 7075 aluminum and has an anodized finish.

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    In order to install this system, you’ll need to remove the existing barrel, install the CALI Compensator System barrel, thread on the Carry Compensator, pin it in place and assemble the pistol. The only tools needed for the installation is a hammer and a pin punch. Here is a video showing the installation process.

    The Mayhem Syndicate CALI Compensator System (barrel and muzzle device combo) is available for preorder with the price varying from $350 to $375 depending on the model of Glock pistol it is designed for and the barrel material/finish. The compensator is not sold separately because it is a part of the system and won’t work with other barrels.

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    The drawback of the pinned muzzle device is that in order to disassemble the barrel, you’ll need to remove the pin and the compensator. You can still field strip the slide and the recoil spring assembly, but the barrel will remain captive in the slide. Actually, it’s not a terrible issue especially considering that you can still clean the bore even with the barrel captured in the slide.

    P.S. It is possible to weld the roll pin and make this system California compliant – hence the name CALI.

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