Large calibre Air Gun the Umarex 50cal Hammer – Potential for firearms restricted cultures?

    Air Guns for firearms restricted cultures – A new hope?

    It is more obvious that there is hope for firearms restricted cultures: and we should eventually have access to higher calibre Air Rifles. These will be used for plinking and hunting primarily, and maybe for some sort of home defence also.

    I handled the Umarex Hammer Air Rifle in .50 calibre at SHOT 2018, and I was awed by the power in that package.

    Yes, it takes a lot to charge it to 4,500 PSI [PCP] and it takes a 2 round magazine for now: but the power of being able to send out a 330grain lead bullet accurately out at 900+ FPS is impressive.

    In Africa: bigger is better!

    There’s another perspective regarding the Umarex Hammer, which you may find interesting. In Africa: there is an impression that the more “powerful” your “gun” is, the more potent your “juju” is… All puns completely intended! How does this apply here? I shot the Hammer, and the felt recoil felt GOOD: in Africa, both for the Military and for the occasional civilian use [hunting…] the more “violently” your firearm recoils [and the more of muzzle blast you get too] the more you feel you have a “powerful” weapon! Air Force guys here recently trained and deployed with IWI Tavors in 5.56mm. They whine and complain that they wish they could have their FN SLRs in 7.62×51 or even AKs in 7.62×39 back…

    So, you even have people throw away recoil pads on hunting rifles sometimes. Not kidding.

    Seriously though – it was good shooting that Umarex Hammer Air Gun. Holding the stocky form-factor, and feeling the recoil, hearing the ring of lead on steel, and seeing the target dancing out there at 100 yards. All these make for an exciting package that would sell well in Africa.

    Only possibly negative issues would be the whole stressful PCP charging process and the 2-round magazine. Those would make for some head-shaking, and chin-stroking.

    The Umarex Hammer will be available in the US by July 2018 and should have MRSP of $799.

    What do Nigerian laws say about Air Guns?

    We have scant details about any laws governing Air Guns here in Nigeria, just like Crossbows. As a result, I feel that these could make some inroads into the market here. We just need someone to decide to “bite the bullet” and make an attempt to penetrate the West African market…

    This previously untapped market is opening up slowly. Furthermore, I have discovered that a group was finally able to secure permissions to start a Paintball Establishment in Abuja, Nigeria. In addition, another one just opened up in Port Harcourt.

    I also understand that the Nigerian National Shooting Association [?!] has opened a range in Abuja: where registered, fee-paying members can offer an arm and a leg and some chin-hairs to shoot some .177 pellets, under very close supervision. There are a few very high-quality Air Rifles there, and it could be the start of something good to come. Pardon me for the poor pictures. And I am NOT in any of these pictures.

    Air Rifles in Nigeria

    Shooting the Anschutz 8002 .177 Air Rifles at Nigerian Shooting Federation

    Nigeria Shooting Federation Range

    Anschutz 8002 .177 Air Rifles at Nigerian Shooting Federation Range

    Nigeria Shooting Federation Range

    Nigeria Shooting Federation Range

    There is HOPE! I guess!


    Y-man is based in a firearms-restricted environment in West Africa, he is really interested in shotguns [Which is all he can legally get], and he makes the best of whatever he is able to lay his hands on in terms of DIY and improvising.

    He did have some training at an early age attending military school in his country, including some weapon training…

    He always appreciates all your advice, comments and feedback.