SIG Sauer Introduces New SIG 365 9mm Ammunition

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SIG Sauer Introduces New SIG 365 Ammunition (1)

SIG Sauer has announced the addition of SIG 365 9mm loads to their ammunition line. The new ammo comes loaded with two 115 grain bullet options: FMJ or V-Crown (JHP). It is not a coincidence that the new ammunition is the namesake of the company’s newest carry pistol (SIG P365). The SIG 365 ammunition is designed to perform best in the subcompact pistols which have relatively short barrels.

FMJ loads of SIG 365 Ammunition

The FMJ load is primarily dedicated for the training purposes whereas the jacketed hollow point V-Crown bullet load is a defensive round. The two loads are correlated in that SIG has designed both to have similar external ballistic characteristics within typical defensive ranges which results in the same point of impact on the target. That means that the end user will be able to train with the ball ammunition and be sure that the defensive rounds will hit the target identically. Moreover, the two loads are designed to have same muzzle velocities and because the bullet weights are identical too, the felt recoil becomes similar. The company advertises 1050 fps muzzle velocity and 282 ft-lb of muzzle energy for both SIG 365 loads. These numbers are from tests conducted in 3.1″ barrels of SIG P365 pistols.

JHP V-Crown loads of SIG 365 Ammunition

SIG Sauer press release contained a quote of what Bud Fini, Executive Vice President of the SIG SAUER Ammunition Division and Special Projects said which reads as follows:

SIG 365 Elite Performance Ammunition is designed for exceptional performance in the new SIG P365 and other short barrel pistols. We use clean burning powders that are consumed before the projectile leaves the barrel, resulting in optimal muzzle velocity and muzzle energy. SIG 365 FMJ ammunition is an affordable, high-performance training load, while the award-winning SIG V-Crown stacked hollow point ammunition is exceptionally effective for personal defense, delivering outstanding accuracy, reliable uniform expansion and maximum terminal performance.

The SIG 365 FMJ ammunition is sold in boxes of 50 rounds at an MSRP of $18.95. The defensive SIG 365 V-Crown ammunition is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $20.95 per box of 20.

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  • 2ThinkN_Do2 2ThinkN_Do2 on May 15, 2018

    I wonder what sort of regulations are there in the ammo marketing industry? Writing stuff like: Optimized for CCW. What does that mean? How is it proven and what are the parameters if any for optimized CC ammo? Does it mean it just costs more than the other? Is the difference truly noticeable and worth the extra money when it comes down to it? What's next: Optimized for One Shot Stop?

  • 2ThinkN_Do2 2ThinkN_Do2 on May 16, 2018

    Here's another thought; did they have to develop new ammo for this firearm, maybe because standard design ammo wouldn't load reliably? It does have a novel magazine design to allow the capacity it has, for the small frame size it has.