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Rachel Y
by Rachel Y
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After several articles posted on TFB of whom the subject was Lena Miculek, readers began to ask for more information about the up-and-coming shooting star, her pedigree background with parents IPSC Revolver World Champion Jerry Miculek and Handgun Lady Open Champion Kay Clark Miculek, and what she does in her spare time. At NRA 2018, I caught up with Lena for an in-depth look at a day in her life.

If you’ve seen or heard any of the interviews with the Miculek family, you’ll recognize that Lena like her parents, is incredibly down-to-earth and humble about success and gives some great advice for those interested in getting into the sport of competition shooting.

About Lena miculek

Born March 22, 1995, Lena was homeschooled to allow her to travel with her parents who were already accomplished shooters. Since her parents had always been her teachers in school, it was a natural progression for them to teach her in the sport of shooting as well. By the age of 8, Lena was competing as well.

Kay Miculek and her daughter Lena. Photo courtesy of mygunculture.com

Being homeschooled, Lena spent a lot of time with other shooters on tour. “I felt like I had more in common with adults than with the kids my own age. It was hard to understand why they did things or acted a certain way like, ‘there is so much more out there to see and do. Why are you worrying about these kinds of things right now?'”

When asked about her greatest weakness when it comes to shooting, Lena confessed she’s “flinchy” and as a result has to practice often to overcome that habit. It hasn’t stopped her from winning championships, though.

Lena boasts seven world titles in five different shooting disciplines and is currently working to add another 3 to her roster. In fact, Miculek says she only has 1-2 weeks of preparation for each match during the year, so her time at the range is precious and admittedly, something she hates.

People often ask me what they should work on when they go to the range” she says. “I tell them to practice what you hate because that’s probably what you’re bad at. People don’t want to do things they hate, so they aren’t as good at it as they are things they enjoy.

Lena’s Advice for New Shooters

Lena says she selects one new habit/task/ability she hates each year and spends her time mastering it. She said, “women are especially self-conscious about people watching us do stuff. Try something new, listen to instructors, get over your fear of not knowing what you’re doing and you won’t be so self-conscious anymore.”

When asked about advice for new shooters looking to begin competition, Lena explained, “Classes with good instructors are key. The effort, time, and stress you’ll save yourself by having a good instructor help you through whatever you’re working on will be so worth it.”

When asked about her favorite firearm, without hesitation Lena said the Sig Sauer MPX, calling it her “spirit animal”.

Lena Miculek. Photo courtesy of imgrum.net

Miculek Away From The Range

A self-proclaimed ‘one woman show’, Lena says she does everything herself from booking shows, plane tickets, and more. In her spare time, she’s taken up the hobby of painting in an effort to learn how to relax, a habit she feels she needed to focus on.

I found out that people can actually be addicted to stress. I realized I didn’t know how to do anything relaxing if I wasn’t shooting or practicing or competing, so I thought I’d give painting a try. I’m not very good at it yet, but as long as I keep practicing I know I’ll get better.

There’s no doubt in this writer’s mind that when Lena Miculek puts her mind to learning something new, it’s as good as mastered. Learn more about Lena via her Facebook page or on the Miculek family website.

TFB interviews Lena Miculek
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Rachel Y

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  • Billy Jack Billy Jack on May 11, 2018

    Thanks for the follow through with the interview Rachel. Awesome family.

  • Royce Williams Royce Williams on May 12, 2018

    Wondered why Lena’s hubby Brock suddenly vanished with no explanation from Jerry Miculek’s “Shootout Lane” tv show. So there was some extramarital he’ing n she’ing a going on?