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by Joel W
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One pound AR15 trigger! Yes, you read that correctly. The Canadian company has been making quality AR15 triggers for some time now, but nothing that adjusts this low. Continue reading for more on the Trigger Tech Diamond AR Trigger.

The first thing many people notice about a trigger from Trigger Tech is how incredibly smooth they are, and there is a very good reason. Every other trigger on the market is what is known as a sliding friction trigger. Sliding friction triggers have sharp angles of metal (trigger and sear edges) that come into direct contact with each other. Picture your car tire hitting a 90-degree curb edge versus rolling over a large speed bump and you’ll understand the basic idea.

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TriggerTech developed FRT™ to get away from the limitations faced by sliding friction triggers (all other triggers are sliding friction triggers). FRT™ is comprised of a patented, free-floating roller that is captured between the sear and the trigger. This advancement makes it possible for us to engineer the ideal release characteristics into every one of our triggers.”


Trigger Tech makes three different models of AR15 triggers (very similar to Geissele offerings) and will be adding the Diamond model soon. The Diamond will be adjustable from several pounds down to one pound!

I’m sure you are as apprehensive as I am about such a lightweight trigger on the AR platform. My initial questions about safety revolved around the idea of accidentally bump firing the rifle. Having stated that, many issues with accidental bump fire comes down to weapon handling fundamentals and proper trigger control. Trigger Tech stated that they are still testing to make certain that the AR15 Diamond Trigger is of the highest quality, utterly reliable, and safe.

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Trigger Tech makes quality Remington 700 clone trigger replacements as well. I personally use the Diamond model in my competition rifle. The Diamond for bolt actions is adjustable from four ounces up to two pounds and has zero measurable creep. No really, they literally measure it and there isn’t any. The Remington 700 compatible Diamond trigger has an MSRP of $289.99 and can be found here. https://triggertech.com/collections/bolt-action/products/diamond

The Diamond AR15 trigger has not been released yet and we don’t currently have a timeframe to offer you. We were told at the 2018 NRA Annual Meetings that this trigger will likely retail for close to $300.00 when it is finally released. More information about Trigger Tech can be found on their website at https://triggertech.com

TFBTV has covered Trigger Tech. Check that out here:

Joel W
Joel W

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  • Da Prof Da Prof on May 12, 2018

    I’d be a fan, BUT my triggertech trigger in an AR FAILED mid-magazine with a metal fracture. The worry got bigger when triggertech did not want the failed part back so they could examine it to determine why it failed. See pictures

  • Wzrd Wzrd on May 17, 2018

    Have they been sued by Mossberg yet?