Jerry Miculek Joins Propper Team

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y
Jerry Miculek Joins Propper Team

Propper International is proud to announce a new Brand Ambassador partnership with world-renowned speed shooter Jerry Miculek. This news comes on the heels of Jerry’s daughter Lena Miculek announcing her alliance with Hoppe’s recently.

Best known for his incredibly fast rate of fire, Miculek has been a member of Team Smith & Wesson since 1989 and has put on shooting demonstrations throughout the world. Over the years, Jerry has set several world records, including six shots, a reload, and six more shot with a revolver in under three seconds.

Jerry brings a tremendous energy to the shooting sports,” said John Negrau, VP, Marketing & eCommerce for Propper. “He’s exciting to watch and has a terrific relationship with fans. We’re excited to have him on the team.

During his recent visit to the Propper headquarters, Miculek commented, “I’m very impressed by the reception I received from everyone. This is going to be a great relationship. Propper’s drive to serve the military, law enforcement and civilian enthusiasts is evident in everything they do.”

Miculek’s varied shooting skills have been highlighted on numerous television programs including the Outdoor Channel’s Shooting USA; History Channel’s Top Shots, Sharpshooters, and Extreme Marksman; Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns; and NBC Sports’ Hot Shots.

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Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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  • Baron of Livonia Baron of Livonia on Apr 26, 2018

    Has any Legislation been introduced to Regulate his Finger?

  • TheUnspoken TheUnspoken on Apr 26, 2018

    Unlike the thumbnail photo for his daughter's article, this one showed both Mr. Machine Gun Finger's face, weapon, and even famously fast digits. Well cropped! Glad it was neither a Propper shirt chest photo nor a Propper pants crotch shot. As that would be just weird...