Thumbs Up! Maglula Releases 7.62×39 AR15 Loader

by Pete

“How can something so wrong, feel so right?” Every time I hear about an AR chambered in 7.62×39, these are the words that run through my head. Even though the combination should be blasphemy to combloc and freedom-loving shooters alike, the 7.62 AR15 combination is a fun and possibly inexpensive shooting setup. And here to save our thumbs from all that magloading is Maglula with a new loader/unloader.

If you are unfamiliar with Maglula, they make simple and inexpensive devices that help shooters both load and unload magazines quickly. Their latest release is a portable 7.62×39 AR15 device that make loading mags as easy as flipping a switch.

Don’t have a 7.62 AR15? Not to worry, Maglula has dozens of loader options for other platforms. Take a look.

Details and specifications on the 7.62×39 AR15 Maglula can be found below.

Thumbs up: AR15 7.62×39 LULA® Loader & Unloader×39-lula/

  • Maglula P/N: LU11B
  • UPC: 858003000110
  • MSRP: $31.95
  • Fits AR15  7.62×39 metal magazines of all manufacturers.

Tested to work with the following mags:

  • AR Stoner
  • ASC
  • Cproducts
  • D&H
  • Franklin Armory 10rd California (providing LULA internal rear ribs are filed a bit to fit this mag)
  • ProMag (excluding the 5rd mag)


All-in-one magazine speed loader and unloader !

  • Simple to use in either mode
  • Eliminates thumb pain and injury
  • Eliminates wear on feed lips
  • Prolongs magazine life
  • Lightweight and fits in pocket
  • Reliable in all weather
  • Durable reinforced polymer

NOTE: All these mags have no anti-tilt mag followers (due to their curved construction) and generally bear compromised design. Hence, some loading and unloading difficulties may arise when there are 1 to 3 rounds in the magazine. e.g. loading the first three rounds and unloading the last three rounds may pose a challenge; yet performance is well past three rounds.

Also Note: Due to the very thin sheet metal used in construction of these mags we’ve added a metal mag-catch to resist the knife-like pressure on the LULA otherwise polymer mag-catch.Thus, expect some marks on the coating of the magazine above its mag-catch hole. Do not use this LULA loader if these marks are an issue.

About Maglula:

Since 2001, maglula Ltd. Israel manufacture professional military-grade tools for loading and unloading magazines. Our products save valuable time at the range, field and armory, and prevent pain associated with loading and unloading magazines. They also prevent damage to the magazine lips, therefore reducing weapon jams. We currently hold 9 US patents associated with magazine loaders. More to come.

Over 15,000 five-star customer reviews online – a testament of customer satisfaction with the ingenuity, quality, and durability of our products.

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  • Capn Jack Capn Jack on Apr 20, 2018

    What do you mean, "blasphemy"? You're talking about my M4-30-30. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

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  • Tacticalciv Tacticalciv on Apr 21, 2018

    The severe curve necessary in these mags (because the AR receiver, unlike the AK, needs the top several inches of the magazine to be totally straight) makes them LAME. They don't feed well (as the article says, they can't use the more modern anti-tilt followers because of the curve, and so the rounds often end up binding in the mag. They don't fit nicely in proper AR mag pouches, except really shallow open top things like fast mags, but you can't have them very close together on your belt or rig. The mechanics of your reload muscle memory ends up being different because you have a significantly different grip on the mag due to the difference in shape, so it's not all that great as a "cheap" alternative for training purposes. If you want to shoot cheap ammo from an AR, the 5.45 soviet surplus stuff was the way to go for that, but that's all gone now due to import restrictions, and at this point, the 5.45 or 7.62x39 cheap ammo is just the Wolf/TulAmmo stuff, and their 5.56 ammo costs almost the same. The small $ savings isn't worth the new upper anymore, as opposed to ten years ago when you could cut your ammo cost by like 60% shooting 5.45 with your normal AR mags.

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    • Derek Johnson Derek Johnson on Apr 24, 2018

      @tacticalciv Who said a 7.62x39 AR had to be about cost savings? It's fun, it's different. It also smacks steel harder than 5.56. (not talking about terminal ballistics on anything else, but we can all agree that 2x the bullet mass makes steel swing more) Not every gun has to be a tactical, TEOTWAKI zombie killer. I built mine with a AK74 style muzzle brake and set a modified front sight post forward of the gas block at the right distance to mount an AK bayonet. Fun combo that looks a bit AK47-like and has been 100% reliable once the firing pin protrusion was increased. Side-benefit, it also shoots cheapo Tulammo very very well.

      I just wish someone would make a stripper clip adapter for these mags though. Definitely would prefer that to the maglula style loader.