Don't Be That Guy: Double Negligent Discharges

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Pictured here is another apparent bonehead doing stupid things. It is vital to maintain composure and practice firearm responsibility regardless of outside forces affecting you. In this guy’s case, he does the ‘hot brass dance’ with a loaded weapon in his hand. Muzzle awareness and trigger discipline is crucial to avoid negligent discharges. Watch the cringe worthy video below: he performs double negligent discharges.

The video appears to be from Breach Bang Clear but I was unable to find the original video to link here. If you know where it is please post it in the comments below.

Take a look at the video above. There is no sound as it appears to be a smartphone filming the screen of a security camera play back recording. But if you watch carefully you can see the shooter does fire his pistol while he does the hot brass dance. What is worse is he shoots it twice!! One negligent discharge is bad but double negligent discharges is unfathomable. From the angle it looks like the second shot almost hit the range employee in the red vest.

I screen capped the muzzle flash and circled it above. Just to show you that the white blob is not an artifact of the video, here is another screen cap of the shooter shooting his pistol as he should down range. Notice the same white muzzle flash?

What should he have done? Composed himself. Put the pistol down on the counter in front of him with the barrel facing down range. The safety should be switched on (if it has one). Then address the hot brass. At the bare minimum he should have kept the handgun pointed down range with his finger off the trigger while his left hand tries to fish the hot brass out of his hoodie.

From the double negligent discharges, he could have easily shot himself or the person behind him. No matter what, it is not worth it to deal with whatever your immediate problem with your shooting hand while you have a loaded weapon in said hand. Even in the worst case scenariou where you are shot. Either by your own hand or someone else you need to maintain control, muzzle awareness and trigger discipline.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Fastford Fastford on Apr 16, 2018

    That's why I like shooting my Mini 14. I let the guy 50 feet down the line deal with the brass. It's cool by the time it gets to him though. It just dongs him on the head

  • Working man Working man on Apr 21, 2018

    Hot brass? No big deal. I was a welder for 20+ yrs. My neck and shoulders have tons of little brown scars from weld spatter getting in my shirt, and in just about every where else. Then there was all the times my jeans caught fire from being a tiny bit frayed around the cuffs, no big deal. Stomp it out and keep working.