Historical Firearm Replicas Made by AUTOMATIC of Ukraine

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Historical Firearm Replicas by Automatic of Ukraine (2)

A Ukrainian company called “ AUTOMATIC” manufactures functional replicas of historical firearms. Right now there are six firearms listed on the company’s website which include the semi-auto replicas of German MP-18/I, MP-18/IV, MP-38, Russian PPD-34/38 and Mauser C 96 carbine.

These firearms are designed for the Ukrainian civilian market. Except for the C96 carbine, which as you know has a locked breech short barrel recoiling action, all other firearm replicas of this company are direct blowback operated guns firing from an open bolt. I assume the Ukrainian law has no restrictions on the open bolt civilian firearms as soon as they are semi-auto only. Interestingly, the MP-38 replica has a built-in mechanism that prevents the gun from being fired if the stock is folded. I am pretty sure this design change is done to meet the legislative requirements which set a minimum overall length for civilian firearms.

Historical Firearm Replicas by Automatic of Ukraine (1)

All the AUTOMATIC firearms are chambered either in 9x19mm Luger or in 9x21mm. There are no prices mentioned on the company’s website. However, I found these guns listed on the website of one of the Ukrainian gun stores. The prices vary from 59,400 to 140,400 of Ukrainian hryvnias which by current exchanges rates converts to roughly $2,245 to $5,300 respectively.

Historical Firearm Replicas by Automatic of Ukraine (6)

Here are also a couple of demo videos from AUTOMATIC’s website followed by a set of images of these firearm replicas.

C96 (K)

Here is also the history of this company quoted from their website:

In 2005 a team of engineers sharing passion for military history with just one milling machine available started development of a highly precise M.P.38 submachine gun copy. All of the team members were experienced in metalwork and designing. The team also had access to M.P.38 exhibited in a museum which was used as a sample. Designing process was started from a scrap: first step was to make molds for Bakelite parts and magazine well. Three months after the first highly detailed (with all markings) dummy was finished. The next project was PPD-40 submachine gun followed by PPD-38/40, МР28, and МР18. Starting from 2008 AUTOMATIC launched production of its blank firing weapons as a supplement to the dummies, which quickly became popular among historical reenactors and producing studios around Europe shooting war films. The company started manufacturing firearms in 2016. Today the brand is known not only with its highly precise historical weapons replicas, but with its original models as well.

Images from www.automatic.plus

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