RISE Armament Introduces Low-Mass Bolt Carrier Group

    RISE Armament, a premier manufacturer, and supplier of AR firearms and components has added the RA-1010 Low-Mass Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) to an already impressive product lineup.

    The RA-1010 Low-Mass Bolt Carrier Group helps make a rifle lighter, faster, and more manageable. It is designed to minimize felt recoil by reducing reciprocating mass during the firing cycle. The complete BCG weighs in at just under 8.9 ounces and has a black nitride finish to enhance strength and reduce friction. The carrier is made of 8620 steel, and the bolt is 9310 steel.

    During the testing process, I used the RA-1010 in 3-Gun competitions. I love this carrier!” says Garrett Grover, Product Specialist at RISE Armament. “The reduction in felt recoil is simply amazing, and the nitride finish still looks virtually new after several thousand rounds. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance the performance of any AR-platform rifle. As a competitive shooter, every one of my guns will have one in it.

    Packing exceptional performance in a lightweight — but full-power package — the RA-1010 Low-Mass BCG’s reduced recoil can help improve accuracy. Features include:

    • Precision manufactured and individually inspected to ensure high-level performance
    • Strong, easy-to-clean black nitride finish
    • Compatible with lighter buffers to allow faster follow-up shots
    • Individually MPI tested
    • Bolt: 9310 MPI tested
    • Carrier: 8620 tool steel heat treated and case hardened
    • Gas key: tool steel – grade 8 hardened fasteners and staked properly
    • Cam pin: 4140 steel
    • Extractor: tool steel – shot peened

    RISE Armament specializes in the design and manufacturing of AR-15s, receivers, triggers, barrels, and compensators for civilian, military, and law enforcement uses. For more information about RISE Armament products, visit www.risearmament.com

    Rachel Y

    Rachel Young is a 4x Best Selling Author. She and her husband John co-own an FFL/SOT showroom and machine shop in Tennessee, specializing in ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories.