[Big 3 East] Explosive Grand Finale By USA Chemical Supply

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Does your SUV need a lift? Well USA Chemical Supply has the solution for you. USA Chemical Supply is a manufacturer of binary explosive targets. They have been a regular at Big 3 East for a couple years now. In the past Big 3 East would usually have a car and have a mad minute where everyone opens fire on it. The car would have several 1-5 lbs bags of binary explosive strategically placed on and inside it. This year they brought a lot of binary explosive and for the explosive grand finale of Big 3 East, they set up seven large boxes of binary explosive. The first five boxes were just stand alone 50lbs boxes of binary explosive. The last two were 75 lbs boxes one for the camper and one of the SUV carcass. They were smart to not put the binary inside the SUV but in front of it. Watch what 75 lbs of binary explosive can do to an SUV.

The explosive grand finale was spectacular. The yellow dust obscured the SUV and when the dust settled it revealed the SUV in a position I would not have expected. It lifted the SUV vertically and it rested against the berm.

Kevin of Geissele was a little concerned about such large quantities of binary explosives set up for the explosive grand finale so he borrowed my recently acquired ballistic shield. While nothing bad happened, Corey of Stern Defense was standing about 15 feet to our left and he heard a piece of car fly by and hit the ground near where he was standing.

"sparkles" shot the camper for the explosive grand finale

The shooter of the SUV stands triumphantly on his latest art installation.

I have seen some examples of large quantities of binary explosive in videos but seeing it in person is something else. I could not believe 75 lbs could lift a large SUV like this. I wonder if the explosive had lifted the SUV and it had flipped over the berm instead of just resting against it, how we would have reacted. Just imagine it. Boom. Dust cloud kicks up and as the dust settles no more SUV. It would have been like a magic trick.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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