Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto Pistol Bayonet

    Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto Pistol Bayonet (3)

    No, today is not the April 1 and this thing is not a joke but a real product manufactured and sold by a Canadian company called Bluntforce. If you are into accessories like the pump action bayonet that we saw at SHOT Show 2018, then Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto pistol bayonet must be the ultimate accessory for your sidearm!

    Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto Pistol Bayonet (4)

    The Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto has a CNC machined blade made of D2 tool steel with Rockwell hardness of 56-58. The blade is also chrome plated. It is mounted into the Picatinny rail base via two screws. The base itself is made of 7075-T6 aluminum. The overall length of this pistol bayonet is 153mm (6″) with the exposed blade length being 113mm (4.45″). The whole device weighs 5 oz (142 grams).

    The Mk 2 Stiletto attaches to the accessory rail of your handgun and not only it provides an outstanding quality bayonet for your pistol but also a Picatinny rail section under it in case if you need to mount other accessories too (e.g. bipod, grenade launcher, chainsaw etc.).

    If you wonder why it is called Mk 2 – because there is a Mk 1 bayonet. Now, Mk 1 looks to be different from Mk 2 only by the finish of the blade. I think it is not a significant difference to call the chrome plated version Mk 2. I would call it Mk 1 Mod 1 or Mk 1*.

    Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto Pistol Bayonet (2)

    Mk 2 Stiletto (top) and Mk 1 Savage

    The Bluntforce Mk 2 Stiletto is available on the manufacturer’s website at an MSRP of $250.

    Here is also a video review of this product by the Green Light Shooting YouTube channel.

    All jokes aside, I honestly don’t see any practical application that this accessory can be used in. Maybe I am missing something. Where do you think this device could be useful? Share your thoughts (and jokes) in the comment section.

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